Image - Oil on Rails
Image - Oil on Rails


Oil on Rails

John Avalos, Member, Bay Area Air Quality Management District
Jess Dervin-Ackerman, Sierra Club San Francisco Bay Chapter
Molly Samuel, Reporter, KQED Science
Tupper Hull, Vice President, Strategic Communications, Western States Petroleum Association

In the next two years, the number of rail cars carrying oil into the Bay Area is forecast to increase 20-fold to 200,000. Three refineries in the East Bay process heavy crude oil and some are planning to bring in oil from the Canadian tar sands. That oil is dirtier han conventional crude and poses less of a concern about exploding rail cars. Oil from North Dakota, which is also coming into the Bay Area, has a smaller carbon impact. It also combusts more easily and raises safety worries in communities along the railways.
How will more oil transported on railcars impact the Bay Area economy and environment? Can California be a climate leader while bringing in more heavy crude and possibly exporting it? Is it hypocritical of Bay Area residents to use fossil fuels but not want them transported or processed in their backyards?
Join us for a conversation about rail and climate safety.