Seeds of Time Movie Screening and Discussion
Seeds of Time Movie Screening and Discussion


Seeds of Time Movie Screening and Discussion

Sandy McLeod, Director, Seeds of Time

Cary Fowler, Agriculturalist; Former Director, Global Crop Diversity Trust 

Greg Dalton, Founder of Climate One – Moderator

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change scientists have warned that global agricultural production will decrease due to the environmentally crippling effects of climate change. As the production of high-yielding, genetically uniform crops has increased, plant diversity has decreased, causing agriculturists to fear the diseases and weather-related hardships our planet’s food will face.

In the new documentary Seeds of Time, agricultural pioneer Cary Fowler embarks on a trek across the planet, from Rome to Russia to the Arctic Circle, in a race against time to protect the future of our planet’s food. Fowler’s passionate and personal journey around the world could hold the key to saving a resource without which our species cannot survive: seeds.

After the screening of Seeds of Time in association with the SF Green Film Festival, Greg Dalton will sit down with filmmaker Sandy McLeod and the film’s primary character, Cary Fowler, to discuss the future of seeds and agriculture in the face of an uncertain climate future.