Past Event

Scaling Up Without Screwing Up

Image - Multiplying Success: How to Scale Up Excellence
Tue, Feb 18 2014 - 6:30pm

Robert Sutton, Professor, Stanford Engineering School; Co-author, Scaling Up Excellence

Huggy Rao, Professor, Stanford Business School; Co-author, Scaling Up Excellence

In conversation with Chris Fry, SVP Engineering, Twitter

“Innovation at scale and speed is our goal.” – Beth Comstock, CEO, GE

Growing a small but mighty team into a larger and effective one is no easy task. Best-selling author Robert Sutton and his Stanford colleague Huggy Rao have spent the last seven years researching how organizations like Facebook, Kaiser Permanente, IDEO, Pulse News and Proctor & Gamble spread constructive mindsets and moves from the few to the many. The outcome of their extensive research is Scaling Up Excellence, a leader’s playbook filled with practical advice for making your team bigger and better. In conversation with engineering master Chris Fry, this trio will discuss the often vexing challenge of how to “go larger” without compromising success.