Farallon Islands Excursion

Michael Ellis, Footloose Forays

Come discover one of the Bay Area's most spectacular and pristine natural wonders. After departing Sausalito we will cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge and past Pt. Bonita, looking for marine mammals that inhabit the area. If time permits we may also venture out over the continental shelf to look for unusual species that are found on this edge. Then we'll move to the main Farallon Island. Only members of the Pt. Reyes Bird Observatory and the Coast Guard are allowed on the island. We will stay in the protected Fisherman's Cove for a while to soak up the immense amount of life that abounds here. Afterwards, we will cruise over and look at the south side of the island, where most of the manmade structures are located.

Ellis began going to the Farallon Islands as a researcher in 1977 and has been leading trips there ever since.

A note on seasickness: Please get a good night sleep before the trip and do not drink any alcohol! Avoid fried and greasy foods. Eat whatever breakfast you normally would. Bring crackers and bubbly water. Think good thoughts. There are a number of fairly effective motion sickness remedies on the market. Some of these require a doctor's prescription; others may be purchased over the counter. If you try the transderm patch (ear patch) that contains scopolamine, please try it at home first. The side effects are unpleasant to some people. 1 g. -powdered ginger in capsules has been shown to be an effective remedy. The Chinese have known this for about 1000 years; NASA recently confirmed it.

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