Einar Enevoldson: The Perlan Project - Climate Science and Altitude Record

The Perlan Project: Climate Science and Altitude Record

Einar Enevoldson, Founder and Chairman, Perlan Project

The Perlan Project is dedicated to building and flying a manned research glider to 90,000 feet in altitude, or “near space”, to study what role the strong stratospheric winds called the “polar vortex,” play in ozone depletion and how they influence global weather patterns.

The Perlan Project has a three-part mission of science, engineering, and education. The scientific objective is to fly and record data in the stratospheric mountain lee waves. These wind waves play a dominating role in ozone depletion. These giant mountain waves, as they break and tumble, cause air mixing in the upper stratosphere that impact global weather patterns.

The engineering challenge is to build an aircraft that will fly in a virtual vacuum of only 3% atmospheric pressure; the experience in designing and flying the Perlan aircraft will be useful to scientists designing a future airplane to fly on Mars where conditions are similar. The educational opportunity is to inspire young people to seek careers in math, science, engineering and aviation through educational partnerships with schools across the country.

MLF: Science & Technology
Location: SF Club Office
Time: 5:30 p.m. networking reception, 6 p.m. program
: $20 standard, $8 members, $7 students (with valid ID)
Program Organizer:  Ettore Leale