Past Event

Francis Tapon: Eastern Europe 20 Years After Communism

Thu, May 3 2012 - 6:00pm

Eastern Europe 20 Years After Communism

Francis Tapon, Author, The Hidden Europe: What Eastern Europeans Can Teach Us

Twenty years ago, as the Soviet Union was losing control of its satellites, Yugoslavia began to disintegrate. It quickly plunged into the only European war since World War II. Tapon spent nearly three years traveling and backpacking in 25 Eastern European countries, starting with five months in 2004 and returning for nearly three years in 2008. Now that he's back, hear Tapon's views on the history, the current status and the future of these fascinatingly complex cultures, and about how he has turned his wanderlust into WanderLearn.

MLF: Humanities
Times: 5:30 p.m. networking reception, 6 p.m. program, 7 p.m. book signing
Cost: $20 standard, $8 members, $7 student (with valid ID)
Program organizer: George Hammond