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Global Economic Forum: The New Reality

Wed, Nov 9 2011 - 6:00pm Add to google calendar

Global Economic Forum: The New Reality – Competitiveness in a Multi-Polar, Interconnected and Interdependent World

Dr. Hui Wang, CEO, First China Capital Inc.; Adjunct Staff Consultant, RAND Corporation
Andrew Cummins, Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Explorador Capital
Raffaele Savi,  Managing Director, BlackRock Equity Strategies
Dr. Shyam Kamath, Associate Dean and Director of Global Programs, St. Mary’s College of California School of Economics and Business Administration – Moderator

What are global economic prospects in the new reality of a stalling U.S. economy and stagnant growth in the West? Is the locus of competitiveness shifting from the West to the rising East (and South)? What role can cash-strapped governments play in restoring economic growth and competitiveness? Will Asia and Latin America provide the locomotive for world economic growth? What role can business play in developing countries as global growth and economic activity shifts there? What does rising inequality portend for sustaining economic growth and competitiveness? An outstanding panel of three experts on economics, business and finance will discuss these and other pressing issues in this annual global economic forum. Join an outstanding evening of discussion, debate and deep analysis to understand how the world we are living in has changed.

Location:  SF Club Office
5:30 p.m. check-in, 6-8 p.m. program, 8 p.m. networking reception 
Cost: $20 standard, $12 members, students free (with valid ID)
Also know: In association with Saint Mary’s College of California School of Economics and Business Administration