Past Event

Egypt & The Middle East: Revolutions 2.0

Thu, Mar 10 2011 - 7:00pm

Egypt and the Middle East: Revolutions 2.0

Jamal Dajani, Vice President of Middle East, North Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean, Internews Network
Stephen Zunes, Professor, University of San Francisco; Chair, Middle Eastern Studies Program; Author, Tinderbox and Non-Violent Social Movements
Nour Ahmadein, Student, University of San Francisco; Member, Yalla! Students in Solidarity; Born and raised in Cairo
Ayman Mohyeldin, Correspondent, Al Jazeera English – invited to drop in via Skype, live from Egypt
Chris Taylor, San Francisco Bureau Chief, Mashable
Dan Williams, Senior Emergencies Researcher, Human Rights Watch; Detained for 36 hours in Cairo during protests

In conversation with Adam Yamaguchi, Vanguard Executive Director and Correspondent, Current Tv

It all started in Tunisia, where the first dictator fell to the will of the people. Then the winds blew east; millions of Egyptian protestors with grassroots spirit, high-tech tools and an appetite for change came together and ousted their own autocrat. Now what? Egypt’s revolution has inspired the people of Libya, Bahrain, Yemen and elsewhere to forge their own change. Some have credited Facebook, Twitter, and Flip Cam as the champions of the Egyptian revolution. What impact did social media really have? Will democracy prevail in the Middle East, or will these movements become mute before we know it? Join journalists hot out of Cairo, political commentators and Middle East experts as we unpack the on-the-ground story, explore the role of social media, and discuss the future of the Middle East and revolutions 2.0.

Location: SF Club Office
Time: 6:30 check-in, 7 p.m. program, 8 p.m. networking reception
Cost: $12 members, $20 non-members, $7 students
Also know: Photo by Flickr user Al Jazeera English. In association with the Middle East Member-Led Forum.