Travers Ethics Conference 2011

Annual Travers Conference on Ethics and Accountability in Government
Financing California: Strategies for Fiscal Housekeeping

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California is in a fiscal corner. The state faces a projected $25 billion shortfall over the next 18 months that neither economic growth nor tax increases are likely to cover. As the state begins the difficult process of formulating a new budget, the 14th Annual Travers Conference will explore the budget situation in four sectors that make up the largest part of the California budget: criminal justice (13 percent), higher education (14 percent), health care (20 percent), and K-12 education (40 percent). Experts in each of these fields will explore strategies for putting California’s fiscal house in order.

Location: Alumni House, UC Berkeley 
Time: See below
Cost: FREE. Must register through UC Berkeley. Registration required for free lunch.
Also know: Co-organized by the Travers Program on Ethics and Accountability in Government and The Richard and Rhoda Goldman School of Public Policy
9:00-9:15:  Conference Opening

Taeku Lee, Chair, The Charles and Louise Travers Department of Political Science
University of California, Berkeley
Henry Brady, Dean, Richard and Rhoda Goldman School of Public Policy
University of California, Berkeley
9:15-10:45:  Panel 1: California’s Criminal Justice System
Mark Kleiman
Professor of Public Policy
UCLA School of Public Affairs
Justin McCrary
Professor of Law
University of California, Berkeley
Steve Raphael
Professor of Public Policy
Goldman School of Public Policy
University of California, Berkeley
Robert Weisberg
Edwin E. Huddleson, Jr. Professor of Law
Stanford Law School
10:30-12:15: Panel 2: Higher Education
Dennis Jones
President, National Center for Higher Education Management Systems
William Zumetta
Professor, Evans School of Public Affairs
University of Washington

Robert J. Birgeneau
University of California, Berkeley
Steve Weiner
Founder, Campaign for College Opportunity &
Retired Executive Director of the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities
12: 30-1:00: Luncheon Keynote: F. King Alexander: President, Cal State Long Beach
1:15-2:45: Panel 3: Heath Care
Leif Haase
Senior Fellow, Health Policy Program
New America Foundation
Tom MaCurdy
Professor, Department of Economics
Stanford University
Stan Rosenstein
Former Director, California Medicaid &
Principal Advisor, Health Management Associates
Jean Ross
Founding Executive Director
California Budget Project
2:45-3:00 Coffee
3:00-4:45: Panel 4: K-12 Education
Gary K. Hart
Former State Senator & California Secretary for Education
Kim Rueben
Senior Fellow, Tax Policy Center
Urban Institute

Norton Grubb
Professor, School of Education
University of California, Berkeley
Tom Timar
Professor & Director of the Center for Applied Policy in Education
University of California, Davis
4:45-5:30: Reception