SFDebate Asks: Should the US encourage Mubarak to step down before an election?

SFDebate Asks: Should the U.S. encourage Mubarak to step down before an election?

In only a few days Egypt has moved to the edge of domestic revolution. Several major cities around Egypt have witnessed people gather in massive protest, their numbers swelling into the thousands. The sudden turmoil has renewed the question of American foreign policy toward Egypt and Hosni Mubarak's government. What do you think? Should the United States end its support for Mubarak's government? Can the U.S. no longer abide the oppressive tactics Mubarak employs? Or is the risk of radical revolution too great? Are Mubarak and his government too important to U.S. interests to be abandoned?

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Location: SF Club Office
Time: 6:30 check-in, 7 – 8p.m. debate
, $5 non-members
Also know: Photo courtesy of Al Jazeera English