Michael Moss: A Pulitzer Prize-Winning Look at the Food Industry

Michael Moss: 2010 Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist’s Look Inside the Food Industry

Reporter, The New York Times

Sarah Varney, KQED Reporter, "The California Report" and "Health Dialogues" - Moderator

Pulitzer Prize winning Times reporter Moss will share his insights gained while uncovering some of the food industry’s best kept secrets. Moss just won the Pulitzer Prize for his investigation of lapses in food safety surrounding contaminated hamburger meat. Moss traced the sordid history of one hamburger that left a 22-year-old woman paralyzed from E. Coli. The day after Moss’ article ran in The New York Times, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsak launched a review of all department meat safety practices. Moss was also a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in 2006 for his work on the lack of protective armor for soldiers and Marines in Iraq. Moss will discuss his work to uncover hamburger and other food-safety issues, as well as other nutrition-related issues, from the White House’s war on obesity to an exploration of salt, sugar and fat in processed foods. Moss will also comment on the financial future of investigative reporting in a world of cash-strapped newspapers.

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