Benoit Denizet-Lewis

American Voyeur: Dispatches from Modern Gay Life

This event has been cancelled

Benoit Denizet-Lewis, Contributing Writer, The New York Times Magazine; Author, American Voyeur: Dispatches from the Far Reaches of Modern Life and America Anonymous

A nationally recognized journalist and nonfiction writer, San Francisco native Denizet-Lewis was named the youngest New York Times Magazine Contributing Writer in 2004 at the age of 28.  His cover stories for The New York Times Magazine — about down low culture, teens and dating, openly gay middle schoolers, and young gay married couples in Massachusetts — have broken down social barriers and prompted much discussion among educators, parents, teens and others. His heavily researched nonfiction work takes the form of in-depth profiles, as he examines some of the most controversial issues in American culture. Join the writer as he shares his newly released works. 

For more information on Denizet-Lewis, visit his web site.

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Time: Noon program, 1 p.m. book signing
Cost: MEMBERS FREE, $15 non-members
Program Organizer: Zachary Morfin