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Commonwealth Club of California

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General Information

The Commonwealth Club

555 Post Street, San Francisco CA 94102
(415) 597-6700
info [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org

Please direct all mail for the Club to:
The Commonwealth Club
P.O. Box 194210
San Francisco, CA 94119

Box Office
(415) 597-6705 or (800) 847-7730
You can email us with questions about existing ticket orders: tickets [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org

Please note: all ticket sales are through the box office (above)
(415) 597-6708
membership [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org

Corporate Membership & Sponsorship
(415) 597-6704
asewlal [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org

(415) 597-6720
travel [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org

Silicon Valley Office
Sobrato Center for Nonprofits
578 Valley Way, Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 280-5530
clubsv [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org


Dr. Gloria C. Duffy, President & Chief Executive Officer
gduffy [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 597-6721

Laura Milvy, Executive Assistant
lmilvy [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 597-6721


Administration & Finance 

Nicholas Leon, Vice President of Finance and Administration
nleon [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 597-6711

Eileen Cangany, Finance and HR Coordinator
ecangany [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 597-6738

Alex Hernandez, Director, Facilities & Events
ahernandez [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org 
(415) 869-5930

Lisa Moschetti, Sales and Marketing Manager
lmoschetti [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 869-5940

Jennifer Haberman, Facilities and Events Manager
jhaberman [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 869-5930

James Seifker, Facilities Coordinator
jseifker [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 597-5941

Piper Kujac, Owner's Representative and Construction Project Manager
pkujac [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org 
(415) 597-6733

Renee Miguel, Book Events Coordinator
rmiguel [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org 
(415) 869-5939


California Book Awards/Good Lit Program 

bookawards [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 597-6700


Climate One

Gregory Dalton, Vice President of Special Projects and Director of Climate One Project
gdalton [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 597-6710

Kelli Pennington, Climate One Director of Audience Engagement
kpennington [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 597-6728

Carlos Manuel, Booker and Producer
cmanuel [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org

Jane Ann Chien, Climate One Coordinator
jchien [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 597-6723


Commonwealth Club/Silicon Valley 

Kara Iwahashi, Director of Program and Literary Arts
kiwahashi [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(408) 280-5145

Georgette Gehue, Program and Outreach Coordinator
ggehue [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(408) 280-5530



Kimberly Maas, Vice President of Development
kmaas [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 597-6726

Kayley Abrams, Development Manager, Annual Dinner
kabrams [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 597-6737

Anna Bryan, Development Associate, Individual Giving
abryan [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 597-6734

Alyssa Sewlal, Development Manager, Corporate & Foundation Partnerships
asewlal [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 597-6704



John Zipperer, Vice President of Media & Editorial
jzipperer [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 597-6715

Megan Turner, Digital Associate Editor
mturner [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 597-6709

James Meinerth, Designer
jmeinerth [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 597-6739


Gallery/Art Contact 

Lynn Curtis
lynnwcurtis [at] comcast [dot] net


Member & Guest Services 

Shelley Wood, Vice President of Membership and Marketing
swood [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 597-6735

Patty Nowak, Member & Guest Services Coordinator
pnowak [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 597-6702

Jordan Herman, Member & Guest Services Lead
jherman [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 597-6713

Kassin Dela Cruz, Member & Marketing Coordinator
kdelacruz [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org

Joanne Presas, Membership Specialist
jpresas [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org



George Dobbins, Vice President of Programs
gdobbins [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 597-6724

Nicholas Grimmond, Marketing and Programs Associate
(415) 597-6727
ngrimmond [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org

Marisa Levine, Director of Inforum
mlevine [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 597-6719

Ella Arnold, Programs and Strategic Partnerships Lead, Inforum
earnold [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org 
(415) 597-6731

Ruth Shapiro, Director of Marin Conversations and Entrepreneur in Residence
ruth [at] keyi-strategies [dot] com 

Diane Demée-Benoit, Coordinator, Marin Conversations
ddemee-benoit [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org


Public/Media Relations 

Riki Rafner, Director of Media and Public Relations
rrafner [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 597-6712



William Blum, Audio Engineer
wblum [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 597-6716

Valerie R. Castro, Director of Video Production
vcastro [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 597-6716



Kristina Nemeth, Travel Director
knemeth [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 597-6720

Michael Steigerwald, Travel Coordinator
msteigerwald [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 597-6720 



Josh Coley, Senior Web Technologist
jcoley [at] commonwealthclub [dot] org
(415) 597-6722