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The Autonomous Revolution: William Davidow, Michael Malone

Civilizations around the globe have been transformed over the past three centuries through the agricultural and industrial revolutions, eras that impacted all aspects of human society. According to two of savviest Silicon Valley experts in business and society, we are now at the dawn of a third revolution that will similarly change human history: the autonomous revolution in artificial intelligence (AI) that is ushering in an epic cultural transformation across the globe.

In their latest book, The Autonomous Revolution, Silicon Valley leaders William Davidow and Michael Malone explore the impact on society of having machines that are capable of learning and adapting faster than humans and doing so entirely on their own. And for the first time in human history we no longer require physical locations to work, play, shop, socialize or be entertained. The same institutions that help society operate will remain—schools, banks, churches and corporations—but they will radically change form, obey new rules and use new tools.

Davidow and Malone, authors of the seminal book The Virtual Corporation, explore the enormous implications of these developments, how we might adapt our values to these massive changes and how people can prepare to not only survive but thrive in this new era.

Please join Davidow and Malone as they visit The Commonwealth Club to discuss the coming revolution and how we can deal with these emerging challenges before the autonomous revolution overcomes us.


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June 9, 2020

United States

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William Davidow

Co-Founder, Mohr Davidow Ventures; Co-Author, The Autonomous Revolution

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Michael Malone

Co-Author, The Autonomous Revolution

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Reed Albergotti

Technology Reporter, The Washington Post


6 p.m. PT program