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Courageous Conversations About Race

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For more than 30 years, Glenn Singleton has been helping companies begin a dialogue around race and confront deeply entrenched habits and thought processes. His book Courageous Conversations About Race is a blueprint that gives educators the tools to create equity at their school sites and beyond. During a time in our history when anti-racism is becoming the dominant goal of many organizations and communities; Singleton has been able to amplify lessons that he has been teaching for years as an anti-racism instructor.

Why examine and address race? According to Courageous Conversations, race matters in our nation and around the world. Singleton says it is critical that we address racial issues in order to uncover personal and institutional biases that prevent all people, and especially people of color, from reaching their fullest potential. He sees Courageous Conversations as serving as the essential strategy for systems and organizations to address racial disparities through safe, authentic and effective cross-racial dialogue.

Creating Citizens will host a discussion between Singleton and Golden State Warriors Chief Operating Officer Brandon Schneider. The Golden State Warriors have been a great example of what happens when an organization takes seriously the lessons learned about addressing racial disparities and making investments into anti-racist work while championing diversity and inclusion.


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Wed, Oct 27 / 12:00 pm PDT

United States

Image - Glenn E. Singleton
Glenn E. Singleton
Author, Courageous Conversations About Race
Image - Brandon Schneider
Brandon Schneider
Chief Operating Officer, Golden State Warriors

noon–1 p.m. program
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