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An Agenda for Elder Justice

In this era of heightened attention to social justice, one voice is conspicuously missing—the voice of older adults. In Elder Justice, Ageism, and Elder Abuse, Lisa Nerenberg explores why ageism has failed to gain the traction of other "isms." It is ageism, she contends, that is to blame for America's lax response to elder abuse, neglect in nursing homes, and exploitation by guardians and scammers. Her elder justice agenda offers a vision for a more just society for older adults and people of all ages. 

Nerenberg has been a leader in the field of elder abuse prevention for over 30 years. She is executive director of the California Elder Justice Coalition and an instructor at City College of San Francisco, where she teaches classes in gerontology, elder abuse and ageism. She has presented at hundreds of professional forums, testified before congressional committees, served on governmental advisory board, and written extensively about elder abuse and related topics. Her book offers a roadmap for promoting individual rights and social justice in aging policy and programs.

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Wed, Jun 10 / 5:15 pm

The Commonwealth Club
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Lisa Nerenberg
Executive Director, the California Elder Justice Coalition; Instructor, City College of San Francisco; Author, Elder Justice, Ageism and Elder Abuse

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