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The maximum capacity of the Small Auditorium is 120; for the Taube Family Auditorium it is 240; for the Max Thelen Board Room it is 30 for a discussion group and up to 65 for a lecture program; the Executive Office can be used for small meetings of about 8 people. For programs taking place at the Club headquarters, you must reserve a room on the online room reservations calendar for the date specified. (The online room reservations calendar is in Google Calendars; if you do not know how to access or use the Google calendar, contact the Club programs manager at the info below.) On this form, specify Small Auditorium or the Board Room or the Large Auditorium. To reserve the Large Auditorium, please contact the Club program manager by phone at (415) 597-6706 or by email at Please do not select Large Auditorium here without prior permission. If none of the location options is applicable, please click "Other" and write the correct location in the next field.
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NORMAL ON-SITE MONDAY–FRIDAY prices are $20 standard, $8 Club members, $7 students (with valid ID) Normal planning meeting price is free for everyone; normal book discussion price is $5 for everyone. If none of the pricing options is applicable, please click "Other" and write the correct prices in the Additional Information field below.
This includes photo credits, in-association-with, sponsors and underwriters. URL is optional, but required if a link is desired. Include each organization's name, type of relationship (sponsor, in-association, etc.), and a website address.
List the titles and authors of books to be sold at the event. Books are now ordered and sold through The Commonwealth Club of California. Relay the details of any book requirements for a program at least six weeks before the program date to the book sales coordinator, Sean Burmeister, at Contact the book events coordinator two weeks before your program to confirm that books will be sold.
Please include additional speakers, scheduled items, pricing options, assisting organizations, setup details, accessibility needs, book information and any other details not already provided. IMPORTANT: In the Additional Information section, please be sure to include any info about presentations that need to use videos, PowerPoint presentations, or require computers or anything other than the standard audio setup. If the AV team has not been alerted to this at least 48 hours before the start of the program (and preferably much earlier than that), we cannot guarantee the availability of the equipment or setup.