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New Republic's Martin Peretz Leaves Post after Nearly Four Decades

Martin Peretz announced that he will be of political magazine , a publication he has led as editorial voi Read more »


Egypt Today and Yesterday: American Involvement

While you follow coverage of minute-by-minute happenings in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East, where longstanding authoritarian governments are being rocked by mass street protests, we offer some background in the form of history of American involvement in the Middle East.

    The Greg Mortenson Mystery

    By James Dohnert

    Greg Mortenson is a former mountaineer, best-selling author, globally recognized philanthropist and former Commonwealth Club speaker. His non-profit organization, Central Asia Institute, is dedicated to promoting and supporting community-based education in remote regions of northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. He’s written two New York Times best-sellers, one of which he discussed in his September 24, 2008, speech to the Club. Read more »


    Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here

    Karima Bennoune, Human Rights Activist; Author; Professor of Law, UC Davis Read more »


    Roads of Arabia

    Dany Chan, Assistant Curator for Exhibition Projects, Asian Art Museum Read more »

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