Milton Friedman at The Commonwealth Club: A Reader, Part II

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We decided to make Milton Friedman's Commonwealth Club speeches available here for anyone interested in what this guru of the modern market economists had to say. We think that even if you disagree with his politics and theories, you will find him to be an engaging speaker, and it might help people understand how Friedman's many acolytes in free-market circles think.

The Commonwealth December/January

December 2010/January 2011

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton headlines this month's issue, and she's joined by her predecessor, Condoleezza Rice, as well as Prop 8 attorney David Boies, David Gergen, the Swiss Chancellor, chef Rick Bayless, and much more.


The Commonwealth

April/May 2011

Conservative columnist and commentator David Brooks discusses President Obama, the national mood, and psychology in this month's cover story. Also this issue: Tom Campbell, Nora Ephron, public pensions panel discussion, Uldis Kruze on how Japan met America, and Dr. Gloria Duffy on disaster avoidance.


The Commonwealth

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August/September 2014

Bipartisan legal team David Boies and Ted Olson headline our latest issue with a program that also featured California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and actor/activist George Takei. Plus: Ruth Reichl, Dr. Ed Lu, Ron Paul, and Rick Perry.

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