Bringing Cloud Computing Down to Earth

Cloud computing is a name that gives headline writers smiles of joy, because there are so many ways they can play off the image or idea of the "cloud" in their headlines. But cloud computing is also giving many businesses and individuals smiles, too, as they unload processing or storage tasks from their own systems onto third-party services, which promise to do these tasks less expensively.

Sony's Got a Pain in the Hack

By James Dohnert

The PlayStation Network is an online gaming community that allows users to download movies and games, as well as play with other gamers. Late last month the network was hacked, leaving an estimated 77 million gamers as victims of cybercrime. The incident was one of the largest data breaches in history and is just another example of the world’s latest worry, cybercrime.

The FCC’s New Years Regulations and the Future of Information

By Sally Schilling

The Club will be ringing in the New Year with discussions of one the most controversial topics of 2010: regulation of the Internet.

In what has been a year of contentious issues over Internet regulation – from China’s Internet censorship to Wikileaks’ exposure of secret government documents – this week’s actions by the Federal Communications Commission may have been a turning point in the future of the freedom of information on the Internet.