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“Don’t change a thing.” – 2013, Cuba Joyce Turley Nicholas

“It could not have been any better! I learned so much but left wanting to know more!” – 2013 Cuba, Nikki Young

“Each stop was interesting and varied; which created an amazing mosaic of the complicated Cuban experience.” – 2013 Cuba, Nikki Young

“I have and will continue to recommend Commonwealth Club Travel to everyone.” – 2013 Cuba, Nikki Young

“Kristina, Alicia and Oscar made the trip the most informative, personal and enjoyable of my life.” – 2013 Cuba, Nikki Young

“You completely undersold our recent trip to Cuba. I was completely blown away by all the things we were able to do and see in a short time.” – 2013 Cuba, Nikki Young

“The speakers were all great.” – 2013 Cuba, Larry Friedman

“Loved the Thornybush experience – outstanding.” -2013 Southern Africa traveler

“Every hotel, and the game reserve lodge was really special.” -2013 Southern Africa, Gail Meblin

“The service and food on Rovos Rail was unbelievably good.” -2013 Southern Africa, Gail Meblin

“A good way to meet other Club members!” -Karen Beard, 2012 Journey to Cuba

“The tour included a well-rounded range of lectures and speakers.” -Noel Blincoe, 2012 Journey to Cuba

“I enjoyed the excellent company of fellow tour members.” -Ann Prichard, 2012 Discovering China

“I loved all the sites we saw, the guides were fabulous, and the reporter and embassy staff we met with were very interesting!”-Judith Sessler, 2012 Discovering China

“Superb attention to detail and all logistical arrangements – everything was beautifully organized.” -Anne Chermak Dillen, 2012 Discovering China

“I enjoyed visiting the American Embassies in Burma and Laos. I had never done that on an overseas tour before.” -Barbara Sallettes, 2012 Burma and Laos: Kingdoms of the East

“I can’t say enough good things about our guide Batir - and our study leader we extremely well-versed on the Central Asian problems and politics.” -Rary Simmons, 2012 Legacy of the Silk Road

“The staff was first rate – tour and service on ship.” -Traveler, 2012 Waterways of Russia

“The other members were wonderful, fascinating people.” -Traveler, 2012 Waterways of Russia

“I’d never been to a U.S. Consulate and found both speakers very gracious and knowledgeable. Thank you for the opportunity.” -Traveler, 2012 Cruising the Baltic Sea

“The Club group was so congenial. All were great people!” -Don and Mimi Leslie, 2012 Cruising the Baltic Sea

“Excellent travel mates!” -Dr. Michael Condie, 2012 Cruising the Baltic Sea

“Philippa and Kristina (study leader and tour manager) were both charming, knowledgeable and helpful. Loved the plays and the other people on the trip. Very well organized!” -Sheila Brady, 2012 Oregon Shakespeare Festival

“Our study leader’s passion and knowledge, insight and sensitivity added so much to this experience!” -Denise Hicks, 2012 Oregon Shakespeare Festival

“I was so impressed by the guides’ ability to “find” the animals. They are true experts in their environment.” -Lois Purkett, 2012 Botswana Safari

“I had wanted to visit Morocco since a child. My 2010 Club trip to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos was outstanding. This even surpassed that.”-Judy Tisdale, 2012 Moroccan Discovery

"We came home with a much more nuanced understanding of the history of the region and, in particular, U.S.-Cuban relations.” -Susan Milstein, 2012 Journey to Cuba

"I enjoyed getting to know my fellow Commonwealth Club travelers and talking with them about our experience in Cuba." -Susan Milstein, 2012 Journey to Cuba

“Although I have been on other excellent trips, I have never had such access to so many intelligent, articulate speakers/lecturers in such a short time.” -Elliot Morrison, 2012 Journey to Cuba

“Exceeded expectations.” -Elliot Morrison, 2012 Journey to Cuba

“You provided an authentic cultural and historic experience. The current situation in Cuba was presented well and provided a rich experience.” -Robert MacDonald, 2012 Journey to Cuba

“The Commonwealth Club always delivers.” -Christine Gould, 2012 Journey to Cuba

“The guest lectures and our visit to the U.S. Interests Section were very interesting.” -Jean Wilder, 2012 Journey to Cuba

“This trip was much more informative than other tours I’ve taken.” -Jean Wilder, 2012 Journey to Cuba

“It was perfect.” - Club Traveler, 2012 Centers of Art and Culture in the Mediterranean

“The guides in country were terrific!” - Elizabeth King, 2012 Centers of Art and Culture in the Mediterranean

“Our leaders Frank, Fred and Ryan were outstanding and so accommodating.” - Merilyn Presten, 2012 Death Valley

“The study leader was knowledgeable, witty and a great teacher.” - 2012 Death Valley Traveler

“The group was just the right size – and fun. Thanks for a wonderful trip.” -Judy Wilbur, 2012 Death Valley

“One of the things that surprised me in Cuba was the beauty, variety, and the unique creativity of the visual arts.” - Bob Sessler, 2012 Journey to Cuba

“It was one of two trips in my life that was astounding.” - Jo Wunderlich, 2012 Journey to Cuba

“This was our second trip with the Commonwealth Club – Antarctica and Cuba. I was impressed with both programs. Please keep up the great service.” - James Bates, 2012 Journey to Cuba

“Our expedition leader was knowledgeable, well-informed and presented information in a clear, interesting manner.” - Arnold Clobes, 2012 Panama Canal Expedition

“The Club staff was extremely helpful in preparing for the trip.” - John Busterud, 2012 Panama Canal Expedition

“Very well organized….the sites were beautiful.” -Judith Ahrens, 2011 Journey to India

“The briefing by the American ambassador was excellent!” -Sharon Russell, 2011 Journey to India

“Nothing by high praise for Kristina (tour leader) – thoughtful, well-informed and always ready to respond to our requests.” -Sharon Russell, 2011 Journey to India

“I enjoyed our fast-paced journey – felt like an immersion in Indian culture, religion, food and philosophy!” -Carol Burkhart, 2011 Journey to India

“Our guide was excellent – passionate about sharing his country with us!” -Carol Burkhart, 2011 Journey to India

“Arvind’s (guide) knowledge, intellect, and humor was outstanding.” -Sharon Wright, 2011 Journey to India

“We saw and did things we had never done before!” -Tom Burkhart, 2011 Journey to India

“Our guide Arvind challenged the group the whole trip – and was passionate about everything!”-Tom Burkhart, 2011 Journey to India

“The naturalists were knowledgeable and so full of information. I learned so much!”
-Traveler, 2011 Galápagos Expedition

“The guide was outstanding. Didn’t hear a question she could not answer.”-Kathy Frendo, 2011 Burgundy’s Food and Wine

“Our guides’ passion and knowledge of her area was extensive. She was always energetic and upbeat, a pleasure to be around, well after a long day of touring!” -Wendy Hall, 2011 Burgundy’s Food and Wine

"I enjoyed our small, compatible group, and the wonderful flora and fauna of Alaska. I loved our drive into Denali. This was a journey into “safe”, but real wilderness. -2011 Alaska’s Wild Lands traveler

“Greg Dalton (Climate One founder) is the primary reason I went on the trip. It was great to get to know him better. He is a fine gentleman and very effective spokesman for climate issues.”-Al Davis, 2011 Alaska’s Wild Lands

“Greg is an excellent leader. He made the program lively, informative and fun. What more could anyone want?” -Dorothy Rivette, 2011 Alaska’s Wild Lands

“The information I learned from Vladimir at the University of Alaska and meeting Governor Knowles will stay with me for a long time.”-Dorothy Rivette, 2011 Alaska’s Wild Lands

“This was my first trip with the Commonwealth Club, and I can’t wait to try another.” -Dorothy Rivette, 2011 Alaska’s Wild Lands

"Our first trip with The Commonwealth Club turned out to be one of the best trips we'd ever taken in our many years of world travel.”-Joe and Linda Rubino, Club Travelers