Women Entreprenuers: Catapulting Business To The Next Level (5/3/2006)


Nell Merlino, Chief Executive Officer, Make Mine a $Million Business Program, Count Me In
Ingrid Merriwether, CEO, Merriwether & Williams Insurance Services
Julie Tucker,
 Publisher and Co-owner, SmartsCo
Gwen Wright,
 Financing Resource Center Managing Consultant, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center
Rebecca Buckman,
 Reporter, Wall Street Journal - Moderator

How can women entrepreneurs get the marketing tools, financial support, market reach and industry knowledge they need to scale up their businesses and increase their revenue? What support is available to motivated women business owners with great ideas? Half of all businesses in the US are owned by women, but only 2.6 percent of them have $1 million or more in revenue. Experts in the field who have consulted successful high revenue companies and others who are taking advantage of new resources to grow their companies will tackle these questions and more.

This program was recorded in front of a live audience on May 3, 2006.