Commonwealth National Podcast

Simon Winchester: Atlantic – The Biography of an Ocean (11/14/2010)


Simon Winchester, Author, Krakatoa, The Professor and the Madman and Atlantic: A Biography of the Ocean
Brian Hackney, Science Editor and Host of "Eye on the Bay," CBS5 - Moderator

Come learn about the epic sea battles, natural phenomena and colorful personalities that have helped shape and traverse one of the world’s largest bodies of water. A site of trade, exploration and natural resources that brought the discovery of new worlds and new peoples, the Atlantic Ocean has played an undervalued but crucial role in the development of the modern Western world. Bestselling author Winchester explores the meanings of this vast body of water for select communities and locations along the Atlantic seaboard from historic and scientific perspectives. A prolific author, Winchester has written a number of other works about the intersection of geological features and human evolution, including the national and New York Times best sellers The Map that Changed the World, Krakatoa and A Crack in the Edge of the World. Winchester also worked as a journalist for nearly 30 years and covered Bloody Sunday and the Watergate scandal during his time at The Guardian. Join The Club for an informative and lively discussion of the complex ways in which Earth’s topography has changed human history.

This program was recorded in front of a live audience at The Commonwealth Club on November 14, 2010.