Commonwealth National Podcast

Katie Couric, Anchor, "CBS Evening News", Former Co-Host, "Today" (7/17/2006)


Katie Couric, the woman to become the network's first solo female anchor, following in the footsteps of Dan Rather and the legendary Walter Cronkite, will raise awareness about the need for cancer screening and prevention. Since losing her husband to colon cancer in 1988, Couric has become an activist and prominent spokesperson on the subject, sharing how education and community outreach can save lives. After Couric's on-air colonoscopy in March 2000, hundreds were inspired to get screened for the disease.

Three women-- Barbara Walters at ABC, Connie Chung at CBS and Elizabeth Vargas, who was elevated in January at ABC's "World News Tonight"--have co-anchored alongside men But Couric will be the first woman in broadcast network history to fly solo on CBS at 6:30 p.m. For the last 15 years, Couric has co-hosted NBC's morning news magazine, the "Today" show, interviewing everyone from President Bush, Tony Blair and Colin Powell to Bill Gates, Donald Trum and O.J. Simpson. She's also covered her fair share of lighter, more feature oriented breakfast-show fare, including cooking and fashion segments.

This program was recorded live on July 17, 2006