Dr. Claude Gruen: New Urban Development: Looking Back to See Forward (4/9/13)

Claude Gruen, Ph.D., Principal Economist, Gruen Gruen + Associates, San Francisco

Gabriel Metcalf, Executive Director, SPUR - Moderator

Highly respected national and international economist and consultant Gruen will describe policies that create incentives for environmentally sound land stewardship and encourage economic growth. His research and findings present a pivotal discussion on how we can help the environment while simultaneously growing our economy. The American Library Association's Choice cites his book New Urban Development: Looking Back to See Forward as a "must read for anyone with an interest in housing policy and the evolution of urban spatial structure in the United States." Join us in this lively discussion of the critically important changes to federal, state and local policies that could provide better and less expensive urban housing, desirable neighborhoods and thriving workplaces for the future of urban areas and environments.