Clean Tech for California: Emerging Winners (3/2/09)

Jennifer Billock, Founder, Over the Moon Diapers – Air, Water, and Waste Winner
Tuyen Vo, Founder and CTO, Viridis Earth – Energy Efficiency Winner
Michael Looney, CEO and President, BottleStone – Green Building Winner
Allen Bronstein, Founder and CTO, Focal Point Energy – Renewables Winner
Donnie Foster, CEO and President, Power Assure – Smart Power Winner
Fraser Smith, CEO, ElectraDrive – Transportation Winner
Betsy Rosenberg, Founder, EcoTalk - Moderator

Meet the winners of the Third Annual California Clean Tech Open 2008. This statewide competition focuses on keeping California the leader in commercialized green technologies. Learn about the progress that the six winning companies have made as they move their innovations from the lab into the marketplace, as well as the biggest challenges and opportunities for turning clean-technology concepts into viable business models. Hear from each of the pioneering entrepreneurs and have a chance to speak with them after the event.

This program was recorded in front of a live audience at the Commonwealth Club of California on March 2, 2009.