Unpaid internships for graduates now the new norm?

By Mehroz Baig

Internships have long been a part of building a career trajectory and most students have resigned themselves to the fact that internships will be unpaid. Many college students spend summers interning at various places, hoping to gain some hands-on experience, a few recommendations and some sense of what they would like to do after graduation. However, the unpaid internship is now creeping into life after graduation.

Do We Need a Supercommittee for Economic Competitiveness? MIT's President Weighs In

Earlier this month, MIT President Susan Hockfield appeared at The Commonwealth Club of California Silicon Valley to talk about American competitiveness and innovation. Those are popular topics these days, as the United States continues to work through a difficult economic recovery and other nations – China, Germany, India, Poland, Turkey – are enjoying stronger growth and employment. Add to this situation the ongoing policy turmoil in Washington, D.C., and you have some leaders sounding the alarm. Add Hockfield to that group of leaders.

Bringing Cloud Computing Down to Earth

Cloud computing is a name that gives headline writers smiles of joy, because there are so many ways they can play off the image or idea of the "cloud" in their headlines. But cloud computing is also giving many businesses and individuals smiles, too, as they unload processing or storage tasks from their own systems onto third-party services, which promise to do these tasks less expensively.

What to expect from “A Closer Look at the CA State Budget” this June 14

By John Dangaran

Next 10, an independent and nonpartisan civic education organization, takes an interesting approach toward educating people and receiving public input about the California budget and its $20 billion deficit.

This upcoming Club event on June 14 will center on the “California Budget Challenge,” an online, interactive program that really puts California’s state budget in the hands of the people.