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A Discussion of the Biography, "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson

Mon, Jun 4 2012 - 5:30pm

A Discussion of the biography, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

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This discussion will be led by Howard Crane and Barbara Massey.

This biography by Walter Isaacson is the first authorized by Steve Jobs. Consisting mostly of a series of interviews with Jobs conducted over two years, the biography also includes interviews with family members, friends, adversaries, competitors, and colleagues. Read more »

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Paul Krugman: End This Depression Now

Tue, May 22 2012 - 6:00pm

Paul Krugman: End This Depression Now Read more »

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Andy Cohen: Bravo's Man of Moxie

Wed, May 16 2012 - 7:30pm

Andy Cohen, Bravo’s Man of Moxie

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Andy Cohen, Executive Producer, Bravo; Author, Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture
Donna Sachet, Drag Queen Extraordinaire; Star of Sunday's "A Drag," Harry Denton's Starlight Room - MC

“To me pride means being exactly who you are.” Cohen’s moxie, trademark smirk and fashion savvy have made him a modern pop-culture king. Read more »

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Willie Brown: 2012 Annual Lecture on Political Trends

Tue, May 15 2012 - 6:00pm

Willie Brown: 2012 Annual Lecture on Political Trends Read more »

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Book Discussion: "The Tiger's Wife" by Tea Obreht

Mon, May 7 2012 - 5:30pm

Book Discussion: The Tiger's Wife by Tea Obreht

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The Tiger's Wife uses fables, allegories and events borrowed from headlines to illustrate the complexities of Balkan history while unearthing patterns of suspicion, superstition and everyday violence that pervade the region even in times of peace. Read more »

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North Beach Walking Tour #7

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Thu, May 10 2012 - 2:00pm

North Beach Walking Tour

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Join another Commonwealth Club Neighborhood Adventure! Read more »

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Van Jones

Tue, Apr 17 2012 - 6:30pm

Van Jones, Founding President, Rebuild the Dream; Author, Rebuild the Dream

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In Conversation with Caroline Moriarity Sacks, Director, INFORUM

Van Jones, one of the nation’s leading champions for ecological equality, is switching gears. Read more »

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Rachel Maddow

Thu, Apr 12 2012 - 7:30pm

Rachel Maddow


Rachel Maddow, Host, The Rachel Maddow Show; Author, Drift
In Conversation with Daniel Handler, aka Lemony Snicket, Author; Screenwriter; Accordionist

Rhodes Scholar, AIDS activist, civics geek, "blindly partisan" and even the “grand doyenne of liberal demagoguery” according to Gawker – Rachel Maddow has been called many things over the years, but until now, "author" has not been one of them. Read more »

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San Francisco Architecture Walking Tour #12

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Thu, Apr 12 2012 - 2:00pm

San Francisco Architecture Walking Tour


Explore San Francisco’s Financial District with historian Rick Evans and learn the history and stories behind some of our city’s remarkable structures, streets, and public squares. Hear about the famous architects that influenced the building of San Francisco after the 1906 Earthquake. Discover hard-to-find rooftop gardens, Art Deco lobbies, unique open spaces, and historic landmarks. This is a tour for locals, with hidden gems you can only find on foot! Read more »

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Distilled in SF: How to Drink Like a Locavore

Wed, Mar 28 2012 - 6:30pm

Distilled in SF: How to Drink Like a Locavore Read more »

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