Bicycle Safety Town Hall (6/3/09)

Will Kempton, Director of CalTrans
Carl Guardino, President and CEO, Silicon Valley Leadership Group - Moderator Read more »


Panel on Curtailing Suburban Sprawl in California (7/7/09)

Ted Droettboom, Joint Policy Director, Association of Bay Area Governments
Laura Hall, Principal, Hall Alminana, Inc.
Paul Campos, Vice President and General Counsel, Northern California Home Builders Association Read more »


Brien A. Seeley: Green Aviation Challenge: NASAs $1 Million Prize for Ultra-Safe 100-MPG Personal Commuter Aircraft (5/27/09)

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Brien A. Seeley, M.D.; President, Comparative Aircraft Flight Efficiency, Inc.

In the second century of flight, small, two-seat aircrafts that achieve 100 mpg on renewable energy and are immune to gridlock will offer trip speeds of over 100 mph. Seeley will explain how these NASA-inspired PAVs (personal air vehicles) can be a safe, planet-friendly solution to our transportation needs.

This program was recorded in front of a live audience at the Commonwealth Club of California on May 27, 2009.


James Letz: The Future of Cars and the Auto Industry


The Future of Cars and the Auto Industry

James Lentz, President/COO, Toyota, USA, Inc.

Toyota is known for creativity and a commitment to sustainable development, but is it enough in today's ultra-competitive globalized car industry? Come hear the unique perspective of industry veteran Lentz, who launched the innovative Scion brand in 2001, on what automakers are doing to ensure vehicles are a benefit, not a burden, to society and what future designs may be on the horizon. Read more »

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