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Vivienne Sosnowski: When the Rivers Ran Red (6/22/09)

Vivienne Sosnowski, Author, When the Rivers Ran Red; Editorial Director, Washington Examiner, San Francisco Examiner and Baltimore Examiner; Photographer Read more »


Michael Capozzola: Let Stand for About an Hour... (8/27/09)

Michael Capozzola, Comedian; Cartoonist

Bay Area comedian and cartoonist Mike Capozzola serves up a charbroiled, free-range gazpacho of food tales and comics. His weekly cartoon, "Surveillance Caricatures," appears on Thursdays in the San Francisco Chronicle's "96 Hours" section. Capozzola will discuss his theory that "from scratch" is relative, depending on the attitude of the chef, and he will show his food cartoons that made Anthony Bourdain laugh (he was told ...). Read more »


Outback to Out West: Sip, Savor and Nibble the Terroir of South Australia with the Experts (9/9/09)

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Adrian Hoffman, Vice President and Culinary Director, Lark Creek Restaurant Group
Vikki Blumenstein, Chef, Blumensteins Catering
Thalassa Skinner, General Manager, Oxbow Cheese Merchant
Matt Lane, Director of Wine Education, Foster's Wine Estates
Evan Kleiman, Host, "Good Food"  Los Angeles KCRW
Sally James, Chef and Author; Co-host, PBS' "Wine Roads: Tales of Adventure in Wine, Food & Travel" - Moderator Read more »


The New American Olive Oil: A Guided Tasting (12/7/09)

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Fran Gage, Author, The New American Olive Oil
Roberta Klugman, Board Member, California Olive Oil Council – Moderator Read more »


Entrepreneurial Women in the Food Business (5/12/09)

Cristina Besher, Owner, Kika’s Treats
Gabrielle Feuersinger, Cake Designer and Owner, Cake Coquette
Molly Fuller, Co-owner and President, Hands On Gourmet
Nona Lim, Owner, Cook! SF
Cathy Curtis, Chair, Bay Gourmet Member-Led Forum; Financial Advisor, Curtis Financial Planning – Moderator Read more »


Women and Chocolate: A Natural Combination (6/25/09)

Mindy Fong, Owner, Jade Chocolates
Christine Doerr, Founder and CEO, Neo Cocoa
Malena Lopez-Maggi, Owner, The Xocolate Bar
Kathy Wiley, Owner, Poco Dolce
Dayna Macy, Communications Director, Yoga Journal; Writer – Moderator Read more »


Laurie David, Producer, An Inconvenient Truth (11/9/2010)


Laurie David, Producer, An Inconvenient Truth; Author, The Family Dinner

Research has shown that children who have regular dinners together with their parents do better in almost all areas of life, from higher grades in school to maintaining loving relationships, to avoiding bad behaviors like drugs, alcohol, and promiscuity. David presents practical and inspirational ways to keep your family at the table. Read more »


Rick Bayless, Chef-Restaurateur, Co-Founder of the Frontera Farmer Foundation (8/17/2010)


Rick Bayless Chef; Restaurateur; Co-Founder, Frontera Farmer Foundation; Author, Fiesta at Rick’s: Fabulous Food, Luscious Libations, Great Times with Friends
In conversation with chef Joey Altman

Award winning Chef and TV Personality Bayless has spent the last 30 years putting his own delicious twist on gourmet Mexican cuisine. With successful restaurants around the country, he has cooked for everyone from Oprah Winfrey to President Obama. Read more »


Thomas Keller: The Making of America’s Best Chef


Thomas Keller, Owner, the French Laundry, Bouchon, Per Se, Ad Hoc; Author, Ad Hoc at Home and The French Laundry Cookbook
Clark Wolf, President and Founder, Clark Wolf Company; Consultant; Author - Moderator Read more »

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