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Redefining the American Restaurant

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Wed, Nov 17 1999

Kuleto, Pat - Designer and restaurateur


Gary Hirshberg, President and CE-Yo, Stonyfield Farm


STIRRING IT UP: How to Make Money and Save the World. Gary Hirshberg, President and CE-Yo, Stonyfield Farm


Sip and Swirl: An Evening of Wine Tasting Education

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Alan Abrams, Cellarmaster, Alan’s Wine Cellar

Join in an evening of wine tasting that is fun and educational and is equally delightful for novices and aficionados. You will taste limited-production red and white wines from some of northern California’s finest wineries. Your knowledge will be tested with a “semi-blind” tasting and a wine trivia quiz – with prizes. Read more »


Wine, Literature and Coming of Age (4/23/09)

Jay McInerney, Wine Writer; Author, Bright Lights, Big City and How It Ended
In Conversation with Julia Flynn Siler, Author, The House of Mondavi

From his first novel to his newest story collection, McInerney has captivated readers for years. Considered one of the pre-eminent writers of his time, McInerney explores delusion, experience and transformation in his most recent anthology, How It Ended. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from a literary master. Read more »


Richard Wrangham: Did Cooking Make Us Human? (6/10/09)

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Richard Wrangham, Professor of Biological Anthropology, Harvard University

Renowned primatologist Wrangham offers a startling new argument about how we came to be the social, intelligent and sexual species we are today. Our ancestors were apelike beings the size of chimpanzees until two million years ago, when homo erectus was born and we became human. What caused this extraordinary transformation? Wrangham argues that cooking created the human lineage. He will explain his bold theory. Read more »


Vivienne Sosnowski: When the Rivers Ran Red (6/22/09)

Vivienne Sosnowski, Author, When the Rivers Ran Red; Editorial Director, Washington Examiner, San Francisco Examiner and Baltimore Examiner; Photographer Read more »


Michael Capozzola: Let Stand for About an Hour... (8/27/09)

Michael Capozzola, Comedian; Cartoonist

Bay Area comedian and cartoonist Mike Capozzola serves up a charbroiled, free-range gazpacho of food tales and comics. His weekly cartoon, "Surveillance Caricatures," appears on Thursdays in the San Francisco Chronicle's "96 Hours" section. Capozzola will discuss his theory that "from scratch" is relative, depending on the attitude of the chef, and he will show his food cartoons that made Anthony Bourdain laugh (he was told ...). Read more »


Outback to Out West: Sip, Savor and Nibble the Terroir of South Australia with the Experts (9/9/09)

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Adrian Hoffman, Vice President and Culinary Director, Lark Creek Restaurant Group
Vikki Blumenstein, Chef, Blumensteins Catering
Thalassa Skinner, General Manager, Oxbow Cheese Merchant
Matt Lane, Director of Wine Education, Foster's Wine Estates
Evan Kleiman, Host, "Good Food"  Los Angeles KCRW
Sally James, Chef and Author; Co-host, PBS' "Wine Roads: Tales of Adventure in Wine, Food & Travel" - Moderator Read more »

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