Renovating from Old to Green: A Homeowner’s Fable

Robert Emery Smith, Director of Technology Services, Human Sciences and Technologies Advanced Research Institute, Stanford; Video Engineer Read more »


The Darwin Awards

Wendy Northcutt, Author, The Darwin Awards Series
In conversation with Mike Sugerman, Reporter, CBS-5 and KCBS All News 740-AM Read more »


Ending the Illegal Trade in Wildlife (3/17/09)

Published in:

Bo Derek, Board Member, WildAid; President, Bless the Beasts; Actress, 10
Peter Knights, Executive Director and Co-founder, WildAid Read more »


Ocean Adventures: Call of the Killer Whale (4/16/09)

Jean-Michel Cousteau, Explorer; Environmentalist; Educator; Producer

“I’ve always said, if you protect the ocean, you protect yourself,” says Cousteau. The son of Jacques travels to the most extreme locations on Earth, combining science with storytelling, to reveal how the ocean is connected with our own lives. His "Ocean Adventures" series and killer whale documentary bring to light the threats to sea life because of human activity, and ways we can protect these important creatures. Read more »


Joe Kennedy: The Man Behind the Myth (4/17/09)

Cari Beauchamp, Author, Joseph P. Kennedy Presents: His Hollywood Years

Though remembered more for his role in politics and for the famous children he fathered, Joe Kennedy was once hailed as the “coming Napoleon of the movie business.” From running three studios to his famous affair with Gloria Swanson, Kennedy completely immersed himself in Hollywood before leaving abruptly, with millions of dollars. Beauchamp shares her extensive research on a Kennedy presence outside of politics. Read more »


Michael Krasny Talks off Mike (4/20/09)

Michael Krasny, Host and Senior Editor, KQED’s “Forum”; Professor of English, SFSU; Author, Off Mike: A Memoir of Talk Radio and Literary Life

Krasny talks books, teaches literature, and for more than 65,000 people in the Bay Area he is the one to whom they tune their radio dials. Though he once dreamed of being a novelist, Krasny discovered that reality is often more exciting than fiction. Krasny delves into his life on and off the microphone. Read more »


Appalachian Coal Mining: Fears and Dreams (7/24/09)

Patricia Adams, Environmentalist; Writer
Jen Gilomen, Documentary Film Director
Sally Rubin, Documentary Film Director Read more »


Michael Capozzola: Let Stand for About an Hour... (8/27/09)

Michael Capozzola, Comedian; Cartoonist

Bay Area comedian and cartoonist Mike Capozzola serves up a charbroiled, free-range gazpacho of food tales and comics. His weekly cartoon, "Surveillance Caricatures," appears on Thursdays in the San Francisco Chronicle's "96 Hours" section. Capozzola will discuss his theory that "from scratch" is relative, depending on the attitude of the chef, and he will show his food cartoons that made Anthony Bourdain laugh (he was told ...). Read more »


On-line Music Panel: The Rock Star Revolution (2/5/09)

Tim Westergren, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Pandora
Nion McEvoy, Chief Executive Officer, Spin magazine
Steve Jang, Chief Marketing Officer, imeem
Dana LoPiccolo-Giles, Co-founder and Managing Director, Amazon’s CreateSpace Read more »

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