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The Crowded Universe

Alan Boss, Astronomer; Research Scientist, Carnegie Institution of Washington Department of Terrestrial Magnetism; Author, The Crowded Universe Read more »


Nine Principles for Transformative Leadership (3/19/09)

Rita George, Strategist; Executive Coach; Educator; Author, Stories from the Edge

The present economic crisis has pushed us off the edge into the unknown. In the midst of daunting challenges all around, responsive leaders transform their worldviews to embrace qualities and skills that lead to success. The process of genuine transformation can be exciting and productive. George will discuss the proven principles she has used to inspire others to create worthwhile, ongoing and lasting change. Read more »


Inside Iran (3/24/09)

Published in:

Robert Baer, Former CIA Operative; Author, Sleeping with the Devil, See No Evil and The Devil We Know: Dealing with the New Iranian Superpower
Jonathan Curiel, Journalist, San Francisco Chronicle; Author, Al’ America: Travels through America’s Arab and Islamic Roots - Moderator Read more »


Nandan Nilekani (3/30/09)

Nandan Nilekani, Co-founder, Infosys; Author, Imagining India: The Ideas of a Nation Renewed

India's recent emergence as an economic giant has triggered tremendous social, political and cultural change. Visionary entrepreneur Nilekani will offer insights into the evolution and future of India as well as the reforms that he believes need to be made in all sectors of public life – infrastructure, education and the environment – that will help keep India on top. Read more »


Social Media: Increasingly Pervasive, Powerful and Transformational (4/6/09)

John Blossom, President, Shore Communications; Author, Content Nation Read more »


Getting Green Done: Hard Truths from the Front Lines of the Sustainability Revolution (4/7/09)

Auden Schendler, Executive Director of Sustainability, Aspen Skiing Company; Author, Getting Green Done

What does the mechanic say when you ask him to put french fry oil in his $250,000 tractor? How do you actually make sustainability happen? Schendler will give us a peek under the hood of the green movement – what it means, in the trenches, to implement actual solutions to climate change. Read more »


The How-to of Social Entrepreneurship panel (4/8/09)

Wilford Welch, Former U.S. Diplomat, Business Executive and Publisher; Author, The Tactics of Hope
Lynne Twist, Co-founder, the Pachamama Alliance
David Hopkins, Social Entrepreneur, Read more »


Leonardo da Vinci: Renaissance Genius of Art and Science (4/16/09)

Ebe Sapone-Cavagnaro, Retired Foreign Language Department Head, San Francisco School District

Inventor, artist, scientist, architect, author – Leonardo da Vinci was a man of boundless creativity and curiosity. As a Renaissance genius, he had the versatility to paint faces of delicate beauty and to design weapons and bridges. Sapone-Cavagnaro, a native of Tuscany who teaches The Commonwealth Club’s weekly Italian class, brings to life her love affair with da Vinci’s accomplishments. Read more »


Michael Krasny Talks off Mike (4/20/09)

Michael Krasny, Host and Senior Editor, KQED’s “Forum”; Professor of English, SFSU; Author, Off Mike: A Memoir of Talk Radio and Literary Life

Krasny talks books, teaches literature, and for more than 65,000 people in the Bay Area he is the one to whom they tune their radio dials. Though he once dreamed of being a novelist, Krasny discovered that reality is often more exciting than fiction. Krasny delves into his life on and off the microphone. Read more »


Wine, Literature and Coming of Age (4/23/09)

Jay McInerney, Wine Writer; Author, Bright Lights, Big City and How It Ended
In Conversation with Julia Flynn Siler, Author, The House of Mondavi

From his first novel to his newest story collection, McInerney has captivated readers for years. Considered one of the pre-eminent writers of his time, McInerney explores delusion, experience and transformation in his most recent anthology, How It Ended. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from a literary master. Read more »

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