Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social (4/1/14)

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Tammy Frisby, Ph.D., Research Fellow, Hoover Institution; Lecturer, Department of Political Science, Stanford University
Melissa Griffin Caen, Contributor, KPIX-TV and San Francisco Magazine; Attorney
Josh Richman, State and National Politics Reporter, Bay Area News Group


Jeremy Rifkin: Are We Moving from a Capitalist to a Collaborative Economy? (4/9/14)

Jeremy Rifkin, Economist; Author, The Zero Marginal Cost Society

Paul Saffo, Technology Forecaster; Managing Director of Foresight, Discern Analytics; Professor, Stanford University – Moderator


Ron Paul: Liberty Defined (4/10/14)

Ron Paul, Former U.S. Congressman
In conversation with Josh Richman, Political Reporter, Bay Area News Group

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