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Nine Principles for Transformative Leadership (3/19/09)

Rita George, Strategist; Executive Coach; Educator; Author, Stories from the Edge

The present economic crisis has pushed us off the edge into the unknown. In the midst of daunting challenges all around, responsive leaders transform their worldviews to embrace qualities and skills that lead to success. The process of genuine transformation can be exciting and productive. George will discuss the proven principles she has used to inspire others to create worthwhile, ongoing and lasting change. Read more »


Move Into Life: The Nine Essentials for Lifelong Vitality (5/18/09)

Anat Baniel, M.A., Author, Move Into Life

Remember a time when you were bursting with energy, curiosity and creativity? The Anat Baniel Method is a cutting-edge technique that Baniel asserts will help improve physical and mental performance by training the brain to move, think and feel in new ways. Baniel says her Nine Essentials will help you experience vitality at any age or condition, based on brain plasticity science, awareness and simple movements. Read more »


Maureen O’Sullivan: Lies and The Truth Wizards (6/29/09)

Maureen O’Sullivan, Ph.D.

O’Sullivan has devoted several years to the study of lies and liars. Of the over 13,000 people she has tested for the ability to detect deception, she found just 31, who she refers to as “Wizards.” O’Sullivan will discuss her work studying these Wizards and how they use microexpressions – facial changes that last less than a second – to catch liars in the act. Read more »


Brain Health Symposium: Adam Gazzaley (8/26/09)

Patty James, M.S. C.N.C., Vital Health Educator; Nutrition Coach
William B. Grant, Ph.D., Health Researcher, SUNARC
Daniel G. Amen, M.D. , Medical Director, Amen Clinics, Inc.
Adam Gazzaley, M.D., Director, UCSF Neuroscience Imaging Center
Phil Jacklin, Ph.D., Past President, Smart Life Forum
Judith Orloff, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UCLA Read more »


Phil Cousineau: Stoking the Creative Fires: Rekindling Passion and Imagination (10/6/09)

Phil Cousineau, Independent Scholar; Documentary Filmmaker; Author, The Hero’s Journey: The Life and Work of Joseph Campbell Read more »


Hal Elrod: The A-B-Cs of Life Purpose: Loving the Life You Have While Creating the Life of Your Dreams (2/24/09)

Published in:

Hal Elrod, Motivational Speaker; Author, Taking Life Head On!

In this inspirational presentation, Elrod will share his incredible story from being declared clinically dead to making a full recovery in less than two months. Since his accident, Elrod has created strategies he will share about how to turn every challenge into an opportunity and how to change any adversity into an advantage. Join us in learning about our own personal strengths and what you can do to harness them. Read more »


Michael Mamas: The Impending Fate of Spirituality (3/30/2009)


Michael Mamas, MBA, DVM; Founder, The School for the Evolution of Humanity; Founder and CEO, The Center of Rational Spirituality; Author, Look Deeper, Live Better, The Golden Frog and How to Be Your Own Best Psychotherapist Read more »


Urban Etiquette: Manners And Civility in the 21st Century (11/13/2006)


Charles Purdy, "Mr. Social Grace" Columnist, SF Weekly, KFOG and; Author, Urban Etiquette
Jeff Sherman, Professor of Social Psychology, University of California at Davis
Laura Lewis, Business Etiquette Instructor, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Cisco Systems Read more »


David Borgenicht, Author, Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbooks (1/16/2007)


David Borgenicht, Author, Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbooks Read more »


Panel: Reassessing My Life for 2009 (1/5/2009)


Tara Fields, Relationship Psychotherapist; Regular Radio and TV Commentator
Greg Ketchum, Clinical Physcologist; CEO, Talent Planet; “Workplace and Career” Segment Expert, KRON 4 News Read more »

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