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In the early days of the new year, the famed Doomsday Clock moved one minute closer to midnight, indicating a worsening threat to mankind of nuclear armageddon and other disasters. The clock, maintained by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, is a widely watched sign of the world's vulnerability to man-made catastrophe, and this latest change moved the clock's hands from six to five minutes before midnight.

Dr. Gloria Duffy to Discuss Iran Today on KCBS 740 AM at 4:30 pm

Dr. Gloria C. Duffy, president and CEO of The Commonwealth Club of California, is scheduled to be on KCBS News Radio 740 AM at 4:30 p.m. today offering her take on Iran’s nuclear situation. From 1993-1995, Duffy was U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense and Special Coordinator for Cooperative Threat Reduction. In this role, she negotiated agreements with the former Soviet countries to dismantle their weapons of mass destruction, and she coordinated U.S. assistance to these countries to meet those goals.

Gloria Duffy on TV Tonight to Discuss Pakistan & the War on Terror

Commonwealth Club of California President and CEO Dr. Gloria Duffy will be on NBC Bay Area TV news tonight (May 18, 2011) at 7 p.m. to discuss Pakistan, how the raid to capture or kill Osama bin Laden was carried out, and what it means for the war on terrorism.

The program will air on Comcast cable channel 186.

Last week, Duffy led a special teleconference for Club members only, in which she and a terrorism expert discussed the bin Laden killing and its likely impact on American foreign policy and the fight against Islamic extremists.

The Commonwealth

April/May 2011

Conservative columnist and commentator David Brooks discusses President Obama, the national mood, and psychology in this month's cover story. Also this issue: Tom Campbell, Nora Ephron, public pensions panel discussion, Uldis Kruze on how Japan met America, and Dr. Gloria Duffy on disaster avoidance.

Gloria Duffy to Discuss New START Treaty Dec. 23 on KQED's Forum with Michael Krasny

In a busy day on Capitol Hill in Washington today, the U.S. Senate passed a number of bills, with perhaps the biggest one being the ratification of the New START Treaty with Russia, which will lower the number of nuclear weapons each country is allowed to have and it will enable the return of on-the-ground inspections in each country.

The New Issue of The Commonwealth Magazine: Foreign Policy, Culture Wars, Aghan War, & More

The newest edition of The Commonwealth, the members' magazine of The Commonwealth Club of California, is in the mail at this moment. If you're a member, watch your mailbox for the October/November 2010 issue, which is filled with interesting people and thought-provoking and even controversial ideas.

The Commonwealth January 2010

Issue 10

Featuring speeches by the directors of National Intelligence, FBI, and CIA, this issue provides a behind-the-scenes look at America's national intelligence apparatus. Also in this issue: Dr. Gloria Duffy on the "I" and the "We" in economic thinking, Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl, Sally Pipes critiques health-care reform proposals, Taylor Branch exposes his secret discussions with President Clinton, and more.