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The Commonwealth September 2009

Issue 7

Speeches from controversial economist Dambisa Moyo on a better way to aid African development; John Kamm on how China has changed since Tiananmen Square; Canon Andrew White on reconciliation -- and survival -- in Iraq; plus a debate between the heads of Chevron and the Sierra Club; Dr. Gloria Duffy on the value of work; and more.


The Commonwealth October 2009

Issue 8

P.J. O'Rourke! Madeleine Albright! Bay Area Bikes! Health Care! Republicans! Christina Romer! Buy this month's issue of The Commonwealth for interesting words from famous thinkers, expert panelists, and the occasional former National Lampoon editor.


The Commonwealth Nov/Dec 2009

Issue 9

Middle East expert Reza Aslan headlines our combined November/December issue, in which he talks about the experiences of Muslims in America -- and of Americans with Islam. Read more »


The Commonwealth January 2010

Issue 10

Featuring speeches by the directors of National Intelligence, FBI, and CIA, this issue provides a behind-the-scenes look at America's national intelligence apparatus. Also in this issue: Dr. Gloria Duffy on the "I" and the "We" in economic thinking, Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl, Sally Pipes critiques health-care reform proposals, Taylor Branch exposes his secret discussions with President Clinton, and more.


The Commonwealth February/March 2010

Issue 11

Captain Sully talks about how he became the "Hudson Hero," the SuperFreakonomics guys talk global warming and cooling, Thomas Frank discusses American faux-conservatism, Frank Luntz talks about how Americans really think, Firoozeh Dumas gives the lighter side of Iranian-American life, and much more.


KGO-TV Reports on Commonwealth Club Transportation Funding Results

KGO-TV (ABC 7) in San Francisco filed the report below concerning the results of a study on taxation and transit that were presented at a June 25 event at The Commonwealth Club.

Norman Mineta, the former U.S. transportation secretary, moderated the program where the findings were presented. The survey suggested that Americans could be amenable to increased gasoline taxes if some of the money is used for environmental protection.

Tech Night at The Commonwealth Club Is the Talk of the Town

Photo above: Michael Arrington (left) engages author David Kirkpatrick in discuss

An Update on Christopher Hitchens

A writer, provocateur, intellectual, and even gadfly, Christopher Hitchens has long been the target of jabs from his opponents, and he's thrown more than a few jabs himself.

San Francisco Public Press Hits the Newsstands – And The Club Is There

The newspaper is dead. Long live the newspaper.

Paul Saffo: Bay Area Should Flex Its Economic Muscles in the Political Arena

The Bay Area would benefit from thinking more like a city-state and less like a region within a dysfunctional state, futurist Paul Saffo .
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