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Many momentous things have happened at The Commonwealth Club. FDR gave his New Deal speech here. Teddy Roosevelt first laid out his rationale for public lands here. Dan Quayle gave his controversial "Murphy Brown Speech" on our stage. And thousands of other scientists, authors, presidents, activists, business leaders, chefs, historians, clergy, journalists, inventors, futurists, comedians, and more have entertained, informed, and even provoked our audiences in our 110 years.

Don't Miss This Week's Events at The Commonwealth Club

We've got a full week of interesting, delicious, and entertaining events for you this week:

George Hammond: Time & Eternity
Vivek Ranadive: The Two-Second Advantage

Poisons in the Press: Deciding for Yourself What's "Safe"
Philippa Kelly: Only Connect – Dramaturgy & Shakespeare's Living Theater

Eric Topol: The Creative Destruction of Medicine
Must Politics Be a Dirty Business?

This Week at The Commonwealth Club of California


TUESDAY: Dan Roam (What to Do When Words Don't Work).

WEDNESDAY: David Zetland (California's Water Future); Book Discussion (The Brothers Karamazov -- this event is sold out); Robert Reich (Where Is America Headed? -- event is sold out).

THURSDAY: Chinatown Walking Tour (event is sold out); New Member Open House and 109th Birthday Party.

FRIDAY: Dr Jennifer Berger Garvey: Developing Leaders for a Complex World; Power Plays -- Media Roundtable.

For details and to order tickets:

The Greg Mortenson Mystery

By James Dohnert

Greg Mortenson is a former mountaineer, best-selling author, globally recognized philanthropist and former Commonwealth Club speaker. His non-profit organization, Central Asia Institute, is dedicated to promoting and supporting community-based education in remote regions of northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. He’s written two New York Times best-sellers, one of which he discussed in his September 24, 2008, speech to the Club.