Highlights of the 80th Annual California Book Awards Winners

By John Dangaran

Continuing an 80-year tradition, the ceremony for the California Book Awards will be held on June 2 at The Commonwealth Club of California's downtown San Francisco headquarters. This year, 11 authors were chosen for their achievements in literature in fields including poetry, first fiction, young adult, nonfiction, juvenile and Californiana. Read more »


Summer Book Sale! This week, Hitch 22


The Commonwealth Club Bookstore is having a summer blowout sale! We will highlight one book each week for your buying (and saving!) pleasure. If you buy two books, the second is 50 percent off! You can purchase the book from .

This week we highlight Hitch 22, by Christopher Hitchens. The book usually retails at $26.99, but it can be yours for only $18! (includes tax+shipping) Read more »


Don't Miss Out on the Club's Summer Book Sale

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The Commonwealth Club bookstore is having a summer blowout sale!


If you buy two books, the second is 50 percent off. Purchase from or call EB Stanislawski at 415-597-4847 to place an order. Read more »

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