Conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks today once again used strong words to accuse large portions of the Republican Party of not being serious about governing and being more interested in posturing and political purity than in making progress toward conservative goals. It's quite a swing from the cautiously optimistic view about compromise in Washington that Brooks expressed in his January 1, 2011, speech to The Commonwealth Club.

Part of the solution might be laid out on July 26,  when Margaret Hoover speaks to The Commonwealth Club in San Francisco about how the GOP can attract the next generation of voters. Hoover, a Fox News analyst and the great granddaughter of President Herbert Hoover, argues for a mixture of conservative fiscal policies and libertarian social policies. 

We got a taste of her message this morning when Hoover appeared on The Today Show (see video below). Come meet her on the 26th to see if she's got the answers to the GOP's future – and maybe find out what the purists think about her plans.

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