September 2013

Commonwealth Club Town Hall Meeting: Being Black in the Bay Area

Tue, Sep 10 2013
Alive & Free

Electric Vehicle Sales Showing More Pickup

Tue, Sep 17 2013
San Francisco Chronicle

The Commonwealth Club Presents Chuck Palahniuk & the San Francisco Cacophony Society at the Castro Theatre

Tue, Sep 17 2013
Laughing Squid

We Talked About Fight Club: Our Interview With Chuck Palahniuk

Wed, Sep 18 2013
SF Weekly

How Social Media is Changing Politics, From Wendy Davis to Anthony Weiner

Fri, Sep 20 2013
Huffington Post

Mountain Meltdown

Image - Mountain Meltdown?
Tue, Oct 22 2013 - 6:30pm

Mountain Meltdown

Panel 1:
Porter Fox
, Editor, Powder Magazine; Author, DEEP: The Story of Skiing and the Future of Snow (November 2013)
Anne Nolin, Professor, Geosciences and Hydroclimatology, Oregon State University
Jeremy Jones, Founder and CEO, Protect our Winters; Professional Snowboarder Read more »

Science and Technology Planning Meeting

Image - Science and Technology Planning Meeting
Mon, Jan 27 2014 - 6:15pm

Join fellow Club members with similar interests and brainstorm upcoming Science & Technology programs. All Commonwealth Club members are welcome. We explore visions for the future through science and technology. Discuss current issues and share your insights with fellow Club members to shape and plan programs for the months ahead.

MLF: Science & Technology
Program organizer: Chisako Ress
Also know: Photo by NASA

Healing the Body by Healing the Spirit

Image - Healing the Body by Healing the Mind
Tue, Jan 28 2014 - 6:00pm

Michael F. Cantwell, MD, MPH; Author, Map of the Spirit: Diagnosis and Treatment of the Spirit Read more »

Fictions that Train Your Brain

Image - Fictions that Train Your Brain
Mon, Jan 13 2014 - 6:00pm

Joshua Landy, Professor of French, Stanford University; Director, Structured Liberal Education and Co-Director, Philosophy and Literature, Stanford; Author, How to Do Things with Fictions

Monday Night Philosophy asks Joshua Landy to answer: Why does Plato's Socrates make bad arguments? Why does Mark's Jesus speak in parables? Why are Beckett's novels so inscrutable? And why don't stage magicians even pretend to summon spirits anymore? Professor Landy will also explain why such questions are worth asking in the first place.