May 2012


“The Club staff was extremely helpful in preparing for the trip.”

Club Traveler Name: 
John Busterud, 2012 Panama Canal Expedition


“The ship was absolutely excellent – much beyond expectation and what you’d receive on bigger ships.”

Club Traveler Name: 
2012 Panama Canal Expedition Traveler


“Our expedition leader was knowledgeable, well-informed and presented information in a clear, interesting manner.”

Club Traveler Name: 
Arnold Clobes, 2012 Panama Canal Expedition


“The group was just the right size – and fun. Thanks for a wonderful trip.”

Club Traveler Name: 
Judy Wilbur, 2012 Death Valley


“The study leader was knowledgeable, witty and a great teacher.”

Club Traveler Name: 
2012 Death Valley Traveler


“Our leaders Frank, Fred and Ryan were outstanding and so accommodating.”

Club Traveler Name: 
Merilyn Presten, 2012 Death Valley


“The guides in country were terrific!”

Club Traveler Name: 
Elizabeth King, 2012 Centers of Art and Culture in the Mediterranean


“It was perfect.”

Club Traveler Name: 
Club Traveler, 2012 Centers of Art and Culture in the Mediterranean