March 2012

Steven Machtinger: Yes, We Kant - Mozart and the Sublime

Mon, May 14 2012 - 6:00pm

Yes, We Kant: Mozart and the Sublime

Steven Machtinger; Attorney; Violist, San Joaquin River School of Music Read more »

Francis Tapon: Eastern Europe 20 Years After Communism

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Thu, May 3 2012 - 6:00pm

Eastern Europe 20 Years After Communism

Francis Tapon, Author, The Hidden Europe: What Eastern Europeans Can Teach Us Read more »

T.C. Boyle

Mon, Mar 5 2012 - 6:00pm

 T.C. Boyle

Author, When the Killing’s Done: A Novel; Distinguished Professor of English, University of Southern California
Dr. Gloria Duffy, President and CEO, The Commonwealth Club- Moderator

Prolific and renowned author T. Coraghessan Boyle has written 22 novels, many of which probe the relationship between contemporary human civilization and the natural world. Read more »

Lori Andrews: Social Networks and the Death of Privacy

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Thu, Mar 8 2012 - 6:30pm
Lori Andrews

Law Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago-Kent College of Law; Author, I Know Who You Are and I Saw What You Did: Social Networks and the Death of Privacy

A leading figure in the realms of law, ethics and genetic technology, award-winning law professor Andrews has served as an adviser to several authoritative political bodies, including the U.S. Congress and the World Health Organization.

Annual Travers Ethics Conference: Managing The Delta

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Fri, Mar 2 2012 - 9:00am

15th Annual Travers Ethics Conference

Managing the Delta: The Governance Challenges of Adaptive Management

The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is a critically important public resource for California and the nation. Much of our state’s drinking water flows through the delta, and delta water irrigates millions of acres of California farmland. As the largest estuary on the West Coast, the delta ecosystem supports native fish and wildlife and offers many recreational opportunities. Read more »

Eric Topol: The Creative Destruction of Medicine

Wed, Mar 14 2012 - 6:00pm

The Creative Destruction of Medicine

Eric Topol,
M.D., Director, Scripps Translational Science Institute; Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman, West Wireless Health Institute; Author, The Creative Destruction of Medicine

Pioneering cardiologist and geneticist Topol says that medicine is poised to go through its biggest shakeup in history. An unprecedented convergence of technologies, such as the ability to digitize human genomes and the invention of wireless tools, is gaining momentum, thrusting the medical field into the digital era. Read more »

Christopher Twomey: Is Armed Conflict with China Avoidable?

Thu, Mar 22 2012 - 6:00pm

Is Armed Conflict with China Avoidable?

Christopher Twomey, Associate Professor, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey; Author, The Military Lens: Doctrinal Differences and Deterrence Failure in Sino-American Relations

The rise of China poses many challenges to the U.S., both economic and political, but the most important and dangerous might be potential security conflicts. Twomey says that some sources of tension represent true conflicts of interest between the U.S. and China: Taiwan, relations with U.S. Read more »

Chinatown Walking Tour #7

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Thu, Mar 29 2012 - 2:00pm

Chinatown Walking Tour


Enjoy another Commonwealth Club Neighborhood Adventure. Join Rick Evans for a memorable midday walk and discover the history and mysteries of Chinatown. Explore colorful alleys and side streets. Visit a Taoist temple, an herbal store, the site of the first public school in the state, and the famous Fortune Cookie Factory. Read more »

Middle East Discussion Group

Mon, Mar 26 2012 - 5:30pm

Middle East Discussion Group

Make your voice heard in an enriching, provocative and fun discussion with fellow Club members as you weigh in on events shaping the face of the Middle East. Each month, the Middle East Member-Led Forum hosts an informal roundtable discussion on a topic frequently suggested by recent headlines.  After a brief introduction, the floor will be open for discussion. All interested members are encouraged to attend. Read more »

Joel Garfinkle: Getting Ahead - Three Steps to Take Your Career to the Next Level

Tue, Mar 6 2012 - 6:00pm
Joel Garfinkle: Getting Ahead- Three Steps to Take Your Career to the Next Level

Joel Garfinkle, Founder, Dream Job Coaching, and Garfinkle Executive Coaching; Author, Getting Ahead

Top executive coach Garfinkle reveals his signature PVI model: perception, visibility and influence – the same model he's used with thousands of executives who've taken advantage of his business and executive coaching and consulting services.