April 2011

Strategic Philanthropy: Its Potential and Pitfalls (5/18/09)

Hal Harvey, CEO, ClimateWorks Foundation; Co-author, Money Well Spent: A Strategic Plan for Smart Philanthropy
Paul Brest, President, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation; Co-author, Money Well Spent: A Strategic Plan for Smart Philanthropy Read more »

Powerful Lessons from Cutting-Edge Innovators (4/29/09)

Mark Dwight, Founder and CEO, Rickshaw Bagworks
Matt Flannery, Co-founder/CEO, Kiva Read more »

Perlan Project: Exploring the Stratospheric Polar Night Jet by Sailplane (4/29/09)

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Einar Enevoldson, Team Leader, Perlan Project; Aeronautical Engineer; Experimental Test Pilot Read more »

Restoring Confidence in Financial Markets (4/29/09)

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Robert Heller, Former Governor, Federal Reserve Board; Former CEO, Visa U.S.A.

Many investors today find themselves adrift amidst aggressive speculation and high-risk trading. Reassuring those planning for the long term could be the key to stabilizing volatile markets – but how to do it? Heller puts his extensive experience in business, academics and policy – including three years with the Federal Reserve – to the task. Read more »

If Walls Could Talk: Peeling Back the Layers of History (4/28/09)

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Stephen Bauer, Artistic Director, Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpapers

Wallpaper has adorned the walls of everyone from kings to factory workers. Both a cultural art form and a basic wall covering, it has weathered over 400 years of taxation, revolution, attacks from the paint industry and its biggest threat, changes in popular taste. In conjunction with Bauer’s talk, rare works from the archives of Bradbury & Bradbury are on view in the Club Office from April 6 to May 29. Read more »

Clean Coal: Myth, or Reality? (4/28/09)

S. Julio Friedmann, Carbon Management Program Leader, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Ray Lane, Managing Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Bruce Nilles, Director, Beyond Coal Campaign at Sierra Club
Joe Lucas, Senior Vice President, American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity Read more »

The Secrets of Haiku from Master Basho (4/23/09)

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Jane Reichhold, Author, Basho the Complete Haiku

Commemorate Poetry Month by learning about Japan’s legendary 17th-century poet, Matsuo Basho, the creator of haiku. Reichhold will discuss Basho the Complete Haiku, the first translation of all of Basho’s haiku by a non-Japanese person. She will portray the life of Basho and discuss the influence haiku has had on poetry of the 20th century, the basic structure, and how haiku can enrich your life. Read more »

Wine, Literature and Coming of Age (4/23/09)

Jay McInerney, Wine Writer; Author, Bright Lights, Big City and How It Ended
In Conversation with Julia Flynn Siler, Author, The House of Mondavi

From his first novel to his newest story collection, McInerney has captivated readers for years. Considered one of the pre-eminent writers of his time, McInerney explores delusion, experience and transformation in his most recent anthology, How It Ended. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from a literary master. Read more »

Chronic Disease and Microbial Pathogenesis (4/21/09)

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Homer Boushey, Chief, Division of Allergy & Immunology, UCSF Read more »