April 2011

Larry Burton: Prospering Together: America’s Citizens, Communities and Companies (2/18/09)

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Larry Burton, Executive Director, Business Roundtable

How do we remain competitive? Other nations are rising economically, racing to catch up and even surpass us. Castellani will review a wide range of critical challenges facing America, including health care and energy demand. He offers the collective perspective of top CEOs on what it will take for American workers and companies to succeed in the international economy, now and in the future. Read more »

Legal Strategies in the Fight for Marriage Equality (2/17/09)

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Therese Stewart, Chief Deputy City Attorney, City of San Francisco
Shannon Minter, Legal Director, National Center For Lesbian Rights
Jo Hoenninger, San Francisco Civil Rights Attorney - Moderator Read more »

On-line Music Panel: The Rock Star Revolution (2/5/09)

Tim Westergren, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Pandora
Nion McEvoy, Chief Executive Officer, Spin magazine
Steve Jang, Chief Marketing Officer, imeem
Dana LoPiccolo-Giles, Co-founder and Managing Director, Amazon’s CreateSpace Read more »

Walter Bortz: Next Medicine: The Revolution that Will Save American Health (12/8/09)

Walter Bortz, M.D., Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine

Rife with inefficiency, injustice, corruption and rising costs, current medicine is exhibiting all the symptoms of a languishing patient, says Bortz. It may be time to put our medical system through major therapy. Simultaneously, a rigorous new science is teaching us that prevention truly is the best way to stay healthy. Together, we have the makings of a revolution in the way Americans do health. Bortz will show us the way. Read more »

The New American Olive Oil: A Guided Tasting (12/7/09)

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Fran Gage, Author, The New American Olive Oil
Roberta Klugman, Board Member, California Olive Oil Council – Moderator Read more »

Jose M. Zuniga: AIDS Around the World: A World AIDS Day Special (12/1/09)

Jose M. Zuniga, President/CEO, International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care (IAPAC)

Educate yourself and help advance the global commitment in the battle against AIDS. On World AIDS Day, come learn the latest developments and advancements in AIDS care from around world as Zuniga discusses the work of IAPAC in Africa, South America, North America and Europe. Find out why this fight involves you and your human rights. Read more »

Michael A. Cohen: The New Colonialists? How NGOs and Private Citizens Are Transforming State Sovereignty (11/30/09)

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Michael A. Cohen, Senior Research Fellow, New America Foundation

Sixty countries are unable to meet the basic requirements of statehood, as recently reported by the Brookings Institution. What is standing between these states and a spiral into dissolution or, worse, anarchy? Cohen explains how the “new colonialists” of the 21st century – aid agencies, international charities, philanthropists and foreign advisors – are stepping into roles as providers of basic health care, education and security. Read more »

Global Reach: A New Report on Ties Between the San Francisco Bay Area and India (11/23/09)

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Sean Randolph, President & CEO of the Bay Area Council Economic Institute
Jim Herlihy, Managing Director, Private Wealth Management, Deutsche Bank San Francisco; Co-chairman, San Francisco-Bangalore Sister City Committee
Kaiser Mulla-Feroze, Vice President, International Development & Strategy, Salesforce.com
Vivek Paul, Akansa Capital; Former Partner, TPG Capital
Sandeep Kishore, Senior Vice President and Head of Hi Tech/Manufacturing, HCL Read more »

Judith Horstman: The Scientific American Day in the Life of Your Brain (10/26/09)

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Judith Horstman, Journalist; Author; Teacher

What’s your brain doing, right now? Award-winning journalist Horstman writes about health and medicine for doctors as well as the general public. Her work has appeared in hundreds of publications worldwide and on the Internet. Come here Horstman discuss what your brain is doing as you go through a typical day sleeping, waking, fighting, loving and making important decisions. Read more »

Michael Abkin: Finally! A U.S. National Peace Academy (10/15/09)

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Michael Abkin, Ph.D., Director, Organizational Development and Operations, National Peace Academy

The National Peace Academy in the U.S. is poised to take its place among leading education and peace-building institutions that are focused on advancing cultures of peace. Learn about the academy’s background, status and plans, what distinguishes it in its field, and how it is working cooperatively with other institutions and programs. Read more »