January 2011

World Energy, Water and Food

Mon, Jan 10 2011 - 6:00pm

World Energy, Water and Food

Lynn R. Wallis, Retired Director of Public Affairs and Media Relations, GE Energy

If the crisis resulting from energy and water shortages continues, the world faces an ugly process of de-development, says Wallis. Providing the food necessary to supply the growing world population will require significantly more energy and water to improve food yields from the available arable land. For example, it requires the energy equivalent of one half glass of diesel fuel to produce a glass of milk. Read more »

Protecting Seniors from Fraud and Abuse

Jan 7, 2011 @ 2:07 PM
We have received a number of comments from folks interested in the vexing problem of people who take advantage of seniors – fooling them into signing away inheritances, home-improvement frauds, insurance scams, and more. Commonwealth Club President and CEO Dr. Gloria Duffy related her family's own experience with this trend in her InSight column in the October/November 2010 issue of The Commonwealth.

Because we've received requests for this column, we are posting it below.

The 4-Hour Work Week: Timothy Ferriss

Thu, Jan 6 2011 - 6:30pm

The Four-Hour Work Week

This program is sold out

Timothy Ferriss, Author; Investor

In onversation with Rachael King, Writer, Bloomberg Businessweek

Want to work just four hours a week? Ferriss believes he can show you how. This Jack-of-all-trades has done it all, from becoming the National Chinese Kickboxing Champion and the Guinness World Record-holder for tango dancing to working for education reform. Read more »

Intermediate Italian

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Tue, Mar 29 2011 - 6:00am

"Crime and Punishment"

Mon, Jan 3 2011 - 5:30pm

"Crime and Punishment"

In our book discussion program, we will discuss Fyodor Dostoevsky's classic tale of guilt and redemption, Crime and Punishment.

MLF: San Francisco Book Discussion
Location: SF Club Office
Time: 5:30 p.m. program
Program Organizer: Howard Crane

Art as Context

Mon, Jan 3 2011 - 6:00pm

Art as Context

Kara Cohen, Recent Philosophy Graduate

Monday Night Philosophy explores aesthetics through the eyes of a recent philosophy graduate. Cohen will review the major milestones in the history of aesthetics, including Plato’s and Kant’s observations, and will suggest that art exists through its context. Cohen will also briefly speak about what it is like to be a student of philosophy in contemporary society. Read more »