November 2010

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The Commonwealth Club seeks a part-time intern to assist the Inforum director in all daily activities. Read more »

Editorial Intern

We are looking for a highly dedicated individual with an interest in editing and public affairs for an editorial internship at The Commonwealth Club of California, located in downtown San Francisco. The intern will contribute to the production of The Club’s award-winning members magazine, The Commonwealth. Read more »

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Tony Kushner: Angels in America at Twenty

Sat, Nov 6 2010 - 12:00pm

The 20th Anniversary of “Angels in America”

Tony Kushner, Playwright, “Angels in America”

Kushner returns to celebrate the opening day of the new exhibition: “More Life! Angels in America at 20” at the Museum of Performance & Design. Exhibition curator Brad Rosenstein will talk with Kushner about this play’s dramatic evolution, its powerful ongoing legacy, and the much-anticipated New York revival.

Location: Herbst Theatre, 401 Van Ness Ave.
Time: 11 a.m. Read more »

Climate One

Featured Program

Climate One, a special project of the Commonwealth Club, seeks to foster wide-ranging discussions on environmental, energy, and climate change issues, and make these discussions available to a broad range of people around the world. Climate One was founded by Commonwealth Club Vice President Greg Dalton in 2007 after visiting the Arctic Circle aboard a Russian icebreaker. Today, Climate One brings together top leaders from business, government, academic and advocacy groups to advance the march toward a low-carbon economy. Read more »

Food Lit

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Food Lit is a section of Good Lit devoted entirely to chefs, food writers and other prominent culinary voices.

Good Lit

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Good Lit is a branch of the Club devoted to literature and memoir. The series consists of conversations with prominent authors, playwrights and figures of importance in the literary community, as well as up-and-coming talent. Their voices are brought to our audience by a dedicated group of Bay Area literary critics, writers and other prominent community figures. The series also deals with issues of importance to the literary community.


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Environmental Success Stories: Monterey Bay, California and Laguna San Ignacio, Mexico

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Thu, Nov 4 2010 - 6:00pm

Environmental Success Stories: Monterey Bay, California and Laguna San Ignacio, Mexico

Stephen Palumbi, Director, Hopkins Marine Station; Senior Fellow, the Woods Institute for the Environment; Author, The Death and Life of Monterey Bay
Joel Reynolds, Director of Legal Affairs, Natural Resources Defense Council; Contributor, Conservation in the Internet Age
Jacob Scherr, Director of International Programs, Natural Resources Defense Council; Contributor, Conservation in the Internet Age Read more »