September 2010

Venice Salon

Thu, Oct 28 2010 - 5:30pm

Venice Salon

Join us to discuss the themes and ideas inspired by the Venice: Queen of the Adriatic program, coming to the Herbst Theater in San Francisco on October 22st and 23rd. Share your thoughts on what made Venice such an influential city-state, and how its trading empire reinvigorated Europeans’ international interests.

MLF: Humanities
SF Club Office
Time: 5:30 p.m. program
Cost: FREE
Program Organizer:
George Hammond

Lunch and Lecture: When East Met West: The 150th Anniversary of the US-Japan Relationship

Thu, Oct 28 2010 - 12:00pm

Lunch and Lecture: When East Met West – The 150th Anniversary of the U.S.-Japan Relationship

Uldis Kruze, Associate Professor of Asian Studies, University of San Francisco

In 1860, Japan's first diplomatic contingent to the U.S. stopped first in San Francisco on its way to Washington, D.C. How did Americans react to their Japanese visitors? What impressions did Japanese participants have of the U.S.? How did that relationship develop after 1860? And what significance does it have today for Japan, for the U.S. Read more »

A Force for Nature

Wed, Oct 27 2010 - 6:00pm

A Force for Nature

John Adams, Co-founder, Natural Resources Defense Council
Patricia Adams, Co-author, A Force for Nature: The Story of NRDC and the Fight to Save Our Planet
Lucy Blake, Former President, California League of Conservation Voters; Winner, MacArthur Award

The Natural Resources Defense Council was founded in 1970 by a group of law students and attorneys at the forefront of the environmental movement, including John Adams. Read more »

Calories & Carbon

Thu, Oct 21 2010 - 6:00pm

Calories and Carbon

Improving our eating habits is one of the best ways to reduce our environmental and carbon footprint, while also trimming our waistlines. How do we get the biggest bang for our dietary bucks? When it comes to climate change, are domestic steak and imported salmon created equal?

Why does cheese generate more than twice the greenhouse gas emissions per pound compared to chicken? What about pork? How important is buying local food? What protein alternatives produce the lowest carbon footprints? Read more »

Brazil on the Rise

Thu, Oct 14 2010 - 12:00pm

Brazil on the Rise

Larry Rohter, Culture Reporter, The New York Times; Author, Brazil on the Rise

Rohter gives an account of the culture and politics of the country that’s hosting the 2016 Olympics. Brazil was once one of the world’s poorest countries ruled by dictatorship. Today, it has become both a democracy and a leading industrial and agricultural powerhouse, boasting the world’s eighth largest economy. Read more »

Can Design Thinking Save Business?

Thu, Oct 14 2010 - 6:00pm

Can Design Thinking Save Business? Read more »

P.J. O'Rourke on the Talk Show that Might Have Been

Sep 30, 2010 @ 6:47 PM

Political satirist P.J. O'Rourke visited The Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco today (September 30, 2010). He was in town to discuss his new book, Don't Vote: It Just Encourages the Bastards. Following his speech and audience question-and-answer session, he sat down with The Club's editor for an interview.

Read more »

Understanding Human Healing Responses from preconception through youthful longevity

Tue, Sep 14 2010 - 6:00pm

Understanding Human Healing Responses from Preconception Through Youthful Longevity

Russell Jaffe, M.D., Ph.D., FASCP, FACN, FACAAI, FAMLI; Health Company Founder

Jaffe is an internist and biochemist with a lifetime interest in evoking human healing responses. His successful outcome studies in diabetes, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndromes are examples of his integrative, evidence-based innovative approach. Sustained remissions in autoimmune illness has earned him international recognition. Read more »