September 2010

Robert Sutton: What the Best Bosses Do (SV)

Thu, Sep 30 2010 - 12:00pm

Robert Sutton: What the Best Bosses Do

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Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business; Author, Good Boss, Bad Boss and The No A—hole Rule

A leading critic of behavior in the workplace unleashes his wrath on bosses and explains the impact both good and bad ones can have on employee morale and the bottom line. Sutton will weave together evidence and case studies to identify the mindset and actions of the most successful bosses.

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Piracy and the Maritime Commons

Thu, Sep 30 2010 - 6:00pm

Piracy and the Maritime Commons

Captain Jeff Kline, USN (ret.); Director, Maritime Defense and Security Programs, Naval Postgraduate School

Despite the international response in supplying war ships to patrol the Gulf of Aden and eastern Somali approaches, pirate attacks have increased. Ungoverned spaces in the maritime commons invite threats to free use of the seas in Nigeria, Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean. Read more »

Submission Guidelines


Submissions for The Commonwealth Club of California's 87th Annual California Book Awards will be accepted starting in August 2017. Authors and publishers are invited to submit entries online for books published in 2017 to the 86th California Book Awards. Deadline is December 22, 2017.

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California Book Awards

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Q. Can I purchase a CD of a past program?

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A. Yes, recordings of many past programs may be purchased on CD. To order a CD online, call (415) 597-6705.

Q. Why don't you stream in other formats or make recordings available for download?

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A. For many years, due to resource constraints, the Club only streamed in the RealAudio format. With the launch of our redesigned web site in April 2011, we began posting all new audio (and much of the old audio) in the MP3 standard format.

Q. Why can't I find the transcript or audio recording I'm looking for?

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A. The Club endeavors to record and distribute as much of its programming as possible. However, due to resource constraints, not all programs are recorded; and among those, not all are made available for streaming over the internet or transcribed.

We do, however, attempt to post all audio from programs which will or have been broadcast on radio and as much audio as possible from programs referenced in our monthly magazine The Commonwealth. All archival program materials may be accessed in the section of the Web site.

NEW: Sec. of State Hillary Clinton at Commonwealth Club October 15

Sep 29, 2010 @ 3:42 PM

The Commonwealth Club of California announced today that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will appear at The Club on Friday evening, October 15, in San Francisco.
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How to Get a Failing Congress Back on Track


Thomas E. Mann, Author,The Broken Branch
Norman J. Ornstein, Author, The Broken Branch

With the executive branch accumulating power, we need strong, lucid congressional leadership, say Beltway watchdogs Mann and Ornstein. This may appear elusive in a Congress many criticize for its bickering, partisanship and red tape. Hear two judicial and political scholars attempt to unravel this complex issue of checks and balances. Read more »