April 2010

100th Anniversary of Mark Twain's Death

Wed, Apr 21 2010 - 6:00pm

100th Anniversary of Mark Twain's Death

"The reports of my death are exaggerated," wrote Twain, and they have been for a century. Join us in a literary celebration of his writing on the 100th anniversary of his death. Bring along your favorite quotations, or paragraphs from stories or essays, and share them with other Twainiacs, or just sit back and enjoy the original observations and clever humor of this American icon and iconoclast.

MLF: Humanities
SF Club Office
Time: 5:30 p.m. Read more »

Roxana Saberi: My Life and Captivity in Iran

Wed, Apr 21 2010 - 7:00pm

Roxana Saberi

Journalist; Author, Between Two Worlds: My Life and Captivity in Iran

A journalist imprisoned in Iran breaks her silence to tell a harrowing story of imprisonment and ultimate release. While working in Iran last year, Saberi made international headlines when she was dragged from her home, detained and arrested by intelligence agents. Cut off from the outside world, Saberi was accused of espionage and later sentenced to eight years in Evin, Iran’s most notorious prison. Read more »

Vinod Khosla: Forecast or Invent Our Energy Future?

Tue, Apr 20 2010 - 6:30pm

Vinod Khosla: Forecast or Invent Our Energy Future?

Vinod Khosla, Founder, Khosla Ventures; Former CEO, Sun Microsystems

Predictions of peak oil and resource scarcity are driving investments in new energy and technologies. What will determine the winners and losers? What policies are needed to drive innovation and send proper price signals? Are incremental solutions such as hybrid vehicles helpful, or does the climate challenge require huge breakthroughs at the system level? Read more »

Self-Publishing, Part Three: Book Sales and Marketing

Mon, Apr 19 2010 - 6:00pm

Self-Publishing: Book Sales and Marketing

Scott James, Columnist, The New York Times; Author (aka Kemble Scott), SoMa, The Sower
Elizabeth Block, Author, A Gesture Through Time; Recipient, the Christopher Isherwood Foundation Fiction Fellowship
Teresa LeYung Ryan, Author, Love Made of Heart, Build Your Name, Beat the Game: Be Happily Published
Paula Hendricks, Founder and Book Designer, Cinnabar Bridge Communications; Author, Septembe Read more »

California's Economic Future: Staying Competitive in a Flat World

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Thu, Apr 15 2010 - 6:00pm

Part of The Chevron California Innovation Series

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Laura Tyson, Economist; Member, President Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board; Chair, Council of Economic Advisors for President Clinton; Professor and Former Dean, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
Paul Saffo, Managing Director, Discern Analytics; Visiting Scholar, Stanford Media-X Research Network
Nancy Pfund, Managing Partner, DBL Investors
Robert Klein, J. Read more »

Eat, Drink, Be Ecological About It

Tue, Apr 13 2010 - 6:30pm

Eat, Drink, and Be … Ecological About It

Anna Lappé, Author, Diet for a Hot Planet
Frances Moore Lappé, Author, Diet for a Small Planet
Raj Patel, Activist, Author, Stuffed and Starved, The Value of Nothing - Moderator

Nearly 40 years ago, before daughter Anna was a twinkle in her eye, Frances Moore Lappé published Diet for a Small Planet. Read more »

Global Warring

Tue, Apr 13 2010 - 12:00pm

Global Warring

Cleo Paskal, Consultant, U.S. Department of Energy
Associate Fellow, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, London

The changing climate now has the attention of military establishments around the world. Last year, for example, the CIA created a group focused on tracking the national-security implications of desertification, rising sea levels, population shifts and heightened competition for natural resources. What will the opening of the Arctic mean for Russian access into North American waters? Read more »

2048 Project: Humanity's Agreement to Live Together

Tue, Apr 13 2010 - 6:00pm

2048 Project: Humanity’s Agreement to Live Together

J. Kirk Boyd, Executive Director of the 2048 Project, UC Berkeley School of Law

In 1948, the U.N. General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Because its provisions are not enforceable, its promise has not been fulfilled. Read more »

Esther Dyson

Tue, Jun 15 2010 - 7:00pm

Homebrew Health

Esther Dyson, Chairman, EDventure   
In conversation with Martine Paris, Editor, Content NOW

When famed venture capitalist Dyson starts exploring a new market, seasoned investors pay attention. In 1995, she wrote about the impact of the Internet on intellectual property and later invested in start-up companies sold to Symantec, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! Her most recent adventure was spending six months training as a cosmonaut in Russia. Read more »

Jerry Weintraub: The Legendary Producer/Impressario Tells All

Mon, Apr 12 2010 - 12:00pm

Jerry Weintraub: The Legendary Producer and Hollywood Deal Maker Tells All

Author, When I Stop Talking, You’ll Know I’m Dead: Useful Stories from a Persuasive Man
In conversation with Mary Bitterman, Chair, The Commonwealth Club’s Board of Governors; President, The Bernard Osher Foundation Read more »